New Minecraft spin-off game announced for 2023

Announced at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, a new Minecraft spin-off game is coming in 2023 bringing a new genre to the franchise.

Minecraft Legends has been officially announced with a new trailer, revealing that an action-strategy game based on the popular block-based world is coming next year. LEGO Minecraft sets have already been confirmed for 2023, and this title may be notable as almost every spin-off Minecraft game so far has had at least one model based on it.

The exception to that is Minecraft Story Mode but otherwise, the main game has plenty of builds, Dungeons has two and Minecraft Earth received one just before it shut down. For that reason, it might be worth taking a look at the trailer to see what Minecraft Legends has to offer.

Note that no Minecraft Legends models have not been confirmed and this is only speculation based on past releases and the new trailer.

As an action strategy, game, you’ll be commanding and leading various forces of the overworld into battle against those from the Nether, and it appears to take place in a wide world with structures placed across it. This could mean that any set inspired by the title would need plenty of minifigures and space to battle on.

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