New Minecraft Game Teased by Insider

A new game in the Minecraft franchise has been teased by a notable video game industry insider. Over the past couple of years, developer Mojang Studios has slowly been expanding the property in new ways. While the original Minecraft remains incredibly popular in its own right, other titles like Minecraft Dungeons and the upcoming Minecraft Legends have started to come about lately. And while the release of Minecraft Legends in 2023 is something that a number of fans are looking forward to, it sounds like it’s not the only new spin-off in the works. 

According to reporter Jez Corden, a new Minecraft game that isn’t tied to Legends or Dungeons is said to be in development right now. Corden shared this information on the latest episode of The Xbox Two Podcast. Sadly, the mere existence of this project is about all that we know at the moment. Corden doesn’t know what the game will be called, what genre it will belong to, or when it could even be announced. Still, this move wouldn’t be much of a shock and would bring about a third spin-off installment within the series. 

One place where this new Minecraft title could be revealed is at Minecraft Live, which is set to take place next weekend on October 15th. This event is one where Mojang will reveal new information related to the future of Minecraft. Based on this leak from Corden, though, it doesn’t sound like Minecraft Live is where this announcement will come about. Corden claims that this upcoming spin-off might be too early in the development process for Mojang to want to unveil it just yet. As such, assuming that this report is accurate, it sounds like we might have to wait a bit longer than hoped to see this game in an official capacity. 

What do you think about another Minecraft game being in the pipeline? And what genre would you like to see this title belong to? Be sure to let me know for yourself either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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