Most Iconic Snowmen In Video Games

Christmas is famously the most wonderful time of year and the best time to get cozy and play games. Only fans will notice that the gaming market lacks festive-themed characters and Christmassy video games department.

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Snowmen perfectly encapsulate winter, Christmas, and the festive season. These frosty friends are great companions for those that want to start getting into the Christmas spirit, with the famous “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” song from Disney’s Frozen. Here are some of the most iconic snowmen in video games.


7/7 Snowman Mount From Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14

The Final Fantasy universe is home to many mystical and wondrous beings, like flying Moogle cats, iconic chocobos, and even sentient snowmen! Like most MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 has great events to celebrate the festive season with its players.

The Starlight Celebration event occurs annually, allowing players to earn Santa hats and candy, among other things, every year. From the Starlit Smiles quest in 2020, players could be rewarded with the Snowman Bell item, summoning a massive flying Snowman mount that players can climb inside, complete with adorable mittens and the iconic carrot nose.

6/7 Abomasnow From Pokemon

Pokemon, Abomasnow

Pokemon famously hosts a whole bestiary of creatures, both fearsome and charming. Generation 4 of Pokemon introduced the Ice Pokemon, Abomasnow, which has also featured in the mobile game Pokemon Go. Abomasnow, which evolves from Snover starting from level 40, features some cool Ice-type moves.

As its name suggests, Abomasnow is like an abominable snowman, decked out with shaggy white fur akin to a yeti. The four green spikes on its back resemble snowy pinecones like in the snowy mountain where it resides. According to Pokedex entries, Abomasnow can create snow blizzards to camouflage itself.

5/7 Snowdin Snowman From Undertale


Undertale is a delightfully charming indie RPG, immersing players in the role of a young child, Frisk, who has fallen into the Underground, a realm inhabited by sentient creatures. As Frisk explores the Underworld, they encounter many eccentric monsters and experience different environments on their journey back home.

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Snowdin is the second location players will encounter in Undertale, perfect for the festive season. Despite being Underground, Snowdin is perpetually freezing, home to only creatures that can tolerate the ice-cold temperatures. Frisk can encounter a friendly Snowman in Snowdin Forest who desires to see the world but has no mobility. He will give Frisk a Snowman Piece to take on their journey.

4/7 Headless Snowman From Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64, Snowman

Super Mario 64 is affectionately considered one of the best games in history and was the franchise’s first foray into the world of 3D platforming in 1996. The iconic Italian plumber gets to explore the secrets of Princess Peach’s castle with a fun soundtrack and fully-interactive levels, each with a unique environment and story to tell.

One of the best levels in Super Mario 64 is the iconic Ice, Ice Mountain. This winter wonderland is full of frosty friends, from a penguin missing its mother to a snowman who has unfortunately lost its head! Once Mario glides down an ice slide and reunites the snow mound with its head, he is graciously rewarded with a star.

3/7 Snowboys In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like all previous Animal Crossing games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons rings in the festive season in style with alpine landscapes and crystalline snow decorating the players’ islands. Snow should arrive at the players’ island in mid-December, giving them plenty of new activities and bringing plenty of holiday cheer to their island.

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To build their own snowboy, players must find large snowballs, which can be dotted around in the open areas on their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. These snowballs can be pushed around, growing larger and larger. After growing above a certain size, these snowballs can be rolled together to make a snowboy. Creating the perfect snowboy will reward the player with a special seasonal DIY recipe and a Large Snowflake item every day until he melts.

2/7 Snow Golem From Minecraft

Minecraft, Snow Golem

Minecraft is the world’s favorite sandbox game, with endless things to accomplish. They can explore their world and its various environmental biomes, each with a different aesthetic, and get to know its passive and hostile inhabitants. Some of these creatures can be tamed, acting as pets or even protective guardians.

A Minecraft snow golem can be brought to life by placing two snow blocks vertically, with a pumpkin placed last on top for the head. The carved pumpkin acts as a helmet, with the snow golems’ adorably goofy expression hidden underneath, which can be revealed by shearing it. Though snow golems are considered the inferior relative to the iron golem, they still pack a punch. They can hurl snowballs at any nearby enemies; although these don’t do damage, they do provide a knock-back effect.

1/7 The Invading Frost Legion From Terraria

Terraria, The Frost Legion

Terraria is a game where players can let their imaginations run wild with the creative freedom they are presented with, or engage with the numerous challenges Terraria‘s universe offers. These tribulations can come in the form of Invasion events, where copious numbers of enemy mobs spawn and flood through the players’ safe spawn point.

The Frost Legion is a unique Hardmode invasion event with a clear Christmas thematic and can be manually triggered by using a Snow Globe. Waves of killer snowmen will then swarm the player’s spawn point, stopping at nothing until they are all defeated. Nothing says festivity and holiday cheer like shotgun-wielding homicidal snowmen!

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