Mojang Reveals Details About Upcoming Minecraft Live Event

Minecraft initially released in 2011, quickly becoming an incredibly popular game due to its unique and enthralling gameplay. Despite being over a decade old, Minecraft has still managed to remain enormously popular among the gaming community, with major updates being added consistently. The Wild update for Minecraft brought a load of new features for fans, introducing new biomes in the Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamps, as well as additional mobs for players to fight and blocks for them to build with.


With Minecraft being such a popular title, a lot of fans are often asking developer Mojang when they’ll next hear about the latest features being brought to the game. Recently, during a Minecraft Now stream, where developers at Mojang play together and answer fan questions, Creative Director Agnes Larsson spoke about when players could expect to see the next major Minecraft showcase. Larsson referred to the upcoming Minecraft Live showcase, which is often where fans can get a lot of exciting news about all things mining and crafting.

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When asked what Mojang has planned for Minecraft Live, Larsson first confirmed the date for this year’s event, which will be October 15. The Minecraft Creative Director then said that “new and exciting things” would be at the event, going on to say how the studio had two major goals, the first being to celebrate Minecraft. The second goal for this year’s Minecraft Live, according to Larsson, would be to “create player dreams” by unveiling the new updates coming to the game.

While creating player excitement is one of Larsson’s goals, the team at Mojang is taking on a realistic approach to ensure that those dreams are fulfilled. Larsson refers to “learning from mistakes,” likely calling back to 2020’s Minecraft Live, which promised a load of new features that weren’t delivered in the timeframe promised. The Deep Dark biome that released in The Wild update, for example, was set to release in Minecraft version 1.17.

It seems, then, that this year’s Minecraft Live will have a ton of news but that it will attempt to be realistic about when players can expect to see the next major updates. Of course, Minecraft Live won’t just be covering the main game, and all its spinoffs will likely be given some news as well, especially the upcoming RTS title Minecraft Legends, which is set for release in 2023. There’s also Minecraft Dungeons, and there could be some surprises sprinkled into this year’s Minecraft Live as well.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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