Mojang celebrates Minecraft Halloween with curated maps and skins

‘Tis the season for jumps and scares, and Mojang is celebrating Minecraft Halloween with a sizeable curated collection of fright-filled maps, skins, and more called Minecraft Halloween Spooky Season, so you can dress like a hero without having to find Minecraft‘s capes. Mojang is also offering some Minecraft Dungeons-inspired character creation items – the Hungriest Horror armor set and the Cloaked Skull Armor set, the latter of which is available for free.

The rest of the collection on the Minecraft Marketplace centers on fan-favorite maps from Minecraft creators, such as the aptly named Scariest Map Ever. This creation from Sapphire Studios plunges you into a netherworld nightmare as you stumble in the darkness, evade the unseen terrors that stalk just out of sight, and try to make it out alive.

Another popular choice that (probably) won’t keep you up at night is Haunted Park from Everbloom Games. This map features varied locales and activities, including a haunted house and a frightful haycart ride, but those looking for more serious scares can check out the abandoned fields, where plenty of bumps in the night lie in wait.

Also new for scary season is the first Minecraft Dungeons hero skin pack. This new pack lets you dress your Minecraft hero as your favorite Minecraft Dungeons hero, with picks representing Hal, Adrienne, and 11 other skins. Unlike the Halloween-themed maps that cost Mine Coins, the Minecraft Dungeons skin pack is completely free.

Written by Josh Broadwell on behalf of GLHF

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