Mod Transforms Minecraft Mobs Into LEGO Minifigures

A new mod for Minecraft turns the game’s many NPCs, known as mobs, into blocky, plastic LEGO minifigures. Minecraft mobs are some of the most iconic and recognizable NPCs in the world of gaming, with fans digging deep into the lore, behavior, and mechanics of these AI beings, sometimes uncovering surprising secrets. There are even several Minecraft mobs that can be tamed, further cementing fans’ love of the many variants available.

Minecraft has more user-generated content than most popular video games in part thanks to the freedom of creativity it offers, even in the vanilla version of the game. Players have shared their meticulously crafted cities, natural vistas, complex contraptions, and much more. Thanks to the game’s robust and easy-to-understand crafting system, the Minecraft community has been host to innumerable stunning and impressive builds. Minecraft UGC doesn’t end with these in-game creations, however, as the game has also proven to be fertile ground for a number of interesting mods. These mods can make the game easier, add more content, and even change the context or genre of the game entirely via new gameplay mechanics, textures, and monsters. A recent example of this would be the mod bundle that turns Minecraft into an Elden Ring clone.


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A new LEGO minifigure-inspired mod has arrived that doesn’t appear to make any changes to gameplay, but certainly changes how the Minecraft world looks. The mod, which was shared on CurseForge by user ericclot, turns the game’s many mobs into LEGO versions of themselves. This means that the sheep, pigs, zombies, villagers, and other non-player characters receive texture overhauls and changes to their arms and legs to make them look like LEGO figures. Many of these mobs also get connecting pegs, although these appear to be only cosmetic. According to the mod’s description, most of the appearances are based upon the actual Minecraft figurines released by LEGO.

The similarities between Mojang’s best-selling Minecraft and the world-famous Danish toy firm LEGO are obvious, and have been referenced via fan creations before, notably in last year’s LEGO Minecraft animated short film. Both LEGO and Minecraft encourage their users to exercise their creativity, so combining the two through fan art, animations, and mods like ericclot’s makes a lot of sense. These IPs are also somewhat similar in aesthetic, both leveraging a simple, blocky look to remain timeless.

As time goes on, it’s likely that even more Minecraft mods will pop up, perhaps offering further LEGO-inspired content. Although these future mods will surely cover a wide variety of uses and benefits, there are few that will achieve the specific purpose of ericclot’s. For gamers fond of both Minecraft and LEGO, this minifigure mod might be worth a download.

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Source: ericclot/CurseForge

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