Mobs That Have Been Retired From Minecraft

Throughout its lifespan, one of the most beloved features of Minecraft has undoubtedly been its colorful, unique mobs. These creatures bring life to each of the biomes that make up the vast sandbox game. Some mobs are exclusive to certain hard-to-find biomes, and others can only be found in certain areas, such as in mines or underwater.

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Although there are a plethora of mobs currently in Minecraft,with more to come with each passing update, there have also been many mobs that have been removed from the game entirely. Many of the removed mobs were implemented into the game as jokes for April Fools’ Day. Very few retired mobs were conceptualized as being a part of Minecraft for the long haul, however, some mobs that were programmed early on in the game’s life have been since retired and forgotten by many.


8/8 The Indev MD3 Mobs

The Indev MD3 Mobs (Beast Boy, Black Steve, Steve, and Rana) are some of the most well-known retired mobs in Minecraft. If fans have been at all interested in the early development of the game, they’ve certainly come across images of these four highly unique-looking mobs.

These four mobs look much different from any of the other mobs players would see in the game today. They were created by Dock, one of the game’s past artists, for the purpose of testing out early mechanics during Minecraft’s first stages of development. Even though the Indev MD3 Mobs were never planned to be implemented into the final game, after Dock left the Minecraft development team they were retired for good.

7/8 The Diamond Chicken

The Diamond Chicken was one of the first mobs to be implemented into the game as a joke for April Fools’ Day. Visually, the mob is just a regular chicken that’s been re-skinned to have a blue tint. However, functionally the Diamond Chicken serves a much more unique function than the regular, egg-laying chicken.

These blue-tinted chickens could “lay” either lapis lazuli or diamonds in the Overworld, as opposed to eggs. Needless to say, their brief inclusion in the game was a blessing for those who hadn’t been able to acquire diamonds at that point.

6/8 Humans

Long before the villager mobs ever existed, Minecraft had implemented a passive human mob that would walk around the Overworld. The “human” mob only ever existed in the early versions of the game, being scrapped due to the lack of purpose or uses in-game, but the retired mob can certainly be credited for the creation of villagers years later.

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During those same developmental years, there was an identical hostile counterpart to the human mob called the “Monster.” Similar to how the human mobs inspired the creation of villagers, the monster mobs were reworked and eventually created the hostile, lurking zombie mobs that players can encounter today.

5/8 The Nerd Creeper

On April 1st, 2019, The Nerd Creeper was added to Minecraft as a part of the Java Edition 3D Shareware v1.34 April Fools Update. This was a limited version of the game that was released only for April Fools’ Day, filling the game with references to video gaming in the 1990s. This version of the game had “lore” behind it as well, with the development team telling fans that Shareware v1.34 was a limited-release version of Minecraft made in 1994.

The Nerd Creeper is one of the most memorable gags among all the jokes and references added to this version of Minecraft. Although they act exactly the same as regular Creepers, the nerd variant would drop a 3D item instead of gunpowder after being killed.

4/8 The Smiling Creeper

The Smiling Creeper was effectively another re-skinned Creeper implemented into the game as a joke for April Fools’ Day. This smiling mob was included during the April Fools Love & Hugs Update, alongside the Pink Wither and other minor tweaks to current mobs and items.

This smiling Creeper variant was rather simple and sweet in its mechanics. Instead of exploding and harming the player, the Smiling Creeper would explode into a flurry of hearts, dropping poppies as opposed to creating a crater where the explosion happened.

3/8 The Pink Wither

The Pink Wither was a major inclusion in the Love & Hugs April Fools Update. This brief update completely changed the game mechanics and skin of the normally terrifying Wither. The Pink Wither, as the name suggests, was re-skinned to be completely pink with goofy googly eyes and a large, dopey smile to complete its harmless appearance.

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All players needed to summon it was pink wool and potted roses in the same t-formation as needed to summon the regular Wither. True to their harmless appearance, these pink boss mobs would fly around, leaving wakes of newly grown grass and flowers behind them, and even healing other nearby mobs. The Pink Wither could also be fed sugar to grow more than the three heads it initially has.

2/8 The Love Golem

The Love Golem, true to its design and name, was a harmless mob added to the game as part of an April Fools’ joke. The re-skinned Iron Golem was designed to be tinted pink, with a big, red heart on the right side of its chest.

Unfortunately for players who wanted their newly spawned Iron Golems to fight off the creatures of the night, Love Golems can’t hurt a fly. Their completely passive to all mobs, whether they’re hostile or passive. This mechanic makes them completely useless in their primary usage, making it unlikely that these mobs will ever see a return to Minecraft.

1/8 Redstone Bugs

Redstone Bugs were the bane of existence for any player who opened Minecraft on April 1st, 2013. Added in as an April Fools’ joke, many found themselves at the punchline of the developer’s joking nod towards the communal frustration towards the silverfish mobs.

Similar to how silverfish can spawn when players break certain blocks of stone bricks and regular stones in a Stronghold, Redstone Bugs had the chance to spawn near any blocks of redstone ore and while players were mining redstone. Needless to say, these little red bugs gave players quite a surprise during their brief implementation into Minecraft.

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