Minecraft’s 10 Best Mash-Up Packs, Ranked

Minecraft is one of the most customizable games in existence. Between mods and texture packs, there’s no end to the ways players can change how the game looks and how the game plays. Another way to mix up how the familiar game is through mash-up packs.

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Mash-up packs are a collection of texture packs, realms, and, in some cases, mods that can completely change the entire way the game functions. Some packs are much better than others, though, and with an enormous marketplace full of options, it can be hard to tell which mash-ups are the best of the best.

10/10 Power Up With The Super Mario Pack

Fans of Super Mario will love this mash-up pack as it allows them to explore the Mushroom Kingdom. The pack comes with many excellent skins of famous Mario characters and features a texture pack to change the whole of Minecraft into a world themed after the Mario series. The texture pack also changes items like enchanted swords into items from the Mario franchise.

While there are many fun secrets to find within the included realm, the actual amount of stuff to explore is ultimately very small. The realm isn’t as expansive as other packs, which leaves the Mario pack feeling lesser.

9/10 Pass Through The Pumpkin Door For The Nightmare Before Christmas Pack

The classic The Nightmare Before Christmas gets a wonderfully faithful recreation with this mash-up pack. Halloween Town is recreated and looks surprisingly great in the blocky style of Minecraft. As if that wasn’t enough, the game also features Christmas Town, fully populated by elves. Players can even spot Oogie Boogie’s shadow on the moon.

The realm cleverly uses the Nether to recreate Halloween Town while the overworld is used to create Christmas Town. While the pack is nothing groundbreaking, it is wonderfully creative and faithful to the movie.

8/10 Enjoy An Even More Massive World Through The Toy Story Pack

The Toy Story mash-up pack creates an impressive sense of scale. From the moment the player enters the realm, they’ll be running through the gaps between doors and floors and squeezing through the cracks in partially open windows.

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The realm also has almost every location from the movies represented. Andy’s house is a given, but the realm also includes locations like Al’s Toy Barn and even the chicken man’s apartment. The entire realm ensures that players feel just like little toys in a big world; the sense of wonder the map creates is impressive.

7/10 The Steven Universe Pack Takes Players To Beach City & Beyond

From the popular Steven Universe cartoon, this mash-up pack takes players all over the show’s expansive world. Players will start in Beach City, where they can explore the Crystal Gems’ temple and the rest of the city. All sorts of locations, like Fun World and Greg’s car wash, have been recreated very well.

Once players have had their fill with the starting area, they can branch out to all sorts of other locations, from Bismuth’s forge to Homeworld itself. The number of locations to explore is impressive, and any fan of Steven Universe is going to enjoy their time with the pack.

6/10 Grab Your Friends & Hop Into The Adventure Time Pack

The Land of Ooo is at the fingertips of Minecraft players who buy the Adventure Time mash-up pack. From Finn and Jake’s treehouse to the Candy Kingdom, there’s much to see in the included realm. The mash-up also has plenty of skins so players can play as their favorite characters and even some overlooked side characters.

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There was a lot of care put into bringing Ooo to Minecraft, and it shows. Despite the fact that the realm is made up of blocks, the fun and bouncy nature of the show shines through perfectly.

5/10 Unlock New Ways To Travel With The Ninja Pack

The ninja mash-up pack is an interesting one. The pack comes with all sorts of new skins and even includes some new mods. The texture pack also gives the game a beautiful new aesthetic, perfectly in line with the ninja theming of the pack.

The best part of the mash-up, though, is the grappling hook. A new item to keep in the player’s toolbar along with their diamond swords and pickaxes, the grappling hook allows players to zip from building to building. It’s a fun new mechanic that completely changes how players travel through the game.

4/10 Gather The Chaos Emeralds In The Sonic The Hedgehog Pack

Fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series will find this mash-up pack to be very familiar. The pack has players trade in their enchanted pickaxes for Sonic’s spin dash as they race through surprisingly accurate levels from Sonic games. There are also several playable characters besides Sonic and even some unlockable characters.

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While the pack is impressive in its authenticity, it’s not without its flaws. The game can struggle to load the levels once the player reaches top speed, and the hitboxes don’t quite match up. Despite this, the mash-up pack is an impressive conversion of the Sonic the Hedgehog series and adds some much-needed change to the mash-up pack formula.

3/10 The Pac-Man Pack Lets Players Make Their Own Levels

The Pac-Man mash-up pack gives players the ability to play Pac-Man and create new levels. The Pac-Man levels included in the pack are very well-constructed and include new powers and even a new ghost to chase Pac-Man.

Once players are done racing through the premade levels, the game gives them the ability to create their own levels through the maze editor. Out of all the packs, this is one of the strangest and most expansive mash-ups released, as it gives the players two ways to play the game.

2/10 Transform Into Alien Heroes With The Ben 10 Pack

Based on the popular Ben 10 franchise, this mash-up pack gives players the ability to turn into different aliens from the series. Anyone looking to scratch their superhero itch will get a lot of mileage with this pack. Players can complete missions or roam freely around the environment fighting villains from the series.

In keeping with the name of the series, the mash-up pack features 10 alien forms for players to transform into. Each alien has a different power, so there’s plenty of variety and a superpower for any situation. Overall, this pack is a lot of fun and provides some much-needed change to the mash-up pack formula.

1/10 The How To Train Your Dragon Pack Completely Changes The Game

Anyone who’s played Minecraft knows the optional final boss, the Ender Dragon, is the lone dragon the players will ever come across. With the mash-up pack based on How to Train Your Dragon, though, the world of Minecraft will be filled to the brim with new and interesting dragons.

The dragons don’t just fly around and fight the player; they can be tamed and raised just like in the movies they appear in. There are several things players can do with the dragons, from completing quests to racing against other dragon riders. There’s no shortage of tamable dragons or quests to complete, so players are sure to get hours of entertainment out of this pack.

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