Minecraft world record speedrunner who exposed Dream as a cheat is exposed as a cheat

One of 2021’s big gaming scandals was the exposure of hugely popular streamer Dream as a Minecraft cheat: after initial denials, he admitted to “accidentally cheating”. Which is a bit like me saying I inadvertently drank three cups of coffee this morning. In a shocking and undeniably schadenfreude-stuffed twist, the speedrunner who did more than any other to expose Dream’s nefarious ways has now themselves been exposed as a big old cheating cheater: and one who’s been at it for years.

MinecrAvenger, who’s presumably looking for a new job now and should give Nick Fury a call, is a Minecraft speedrunner and a world record holder in several categories. As is often the case in speedrunning, some of the player’s records have been set and broken, while in certain categories they languish lower in the rankings, but several of MinecrAvenger’s records lasted for years.

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