Minecraft World Generates With Extremely Rare Reality-Destroying Lake

A Minecraft development group has discovered a seed containing a rare lake that completely breaks down the world generating capabilties of Minecraft.

An extremely rare Minecraft seed that generates a highly destructive lake has recently been discovered. Minecraft‘s procedurally generated worlds are just one aspect of Mojang’s beloved sandbox title. Due to the game’s countless seed possibilities, players can often find strange things within the blocky worlds, with some events being much rarer than others.

Since 2011 Minecraft fans have been in search of the best Minecraft seed ever, with spawn locations and resources making or breaking specific seeds. Now, Minecraft development team Stardust Labs has discovered a seed that only occurs once in every 5 million worlds and contains a world-devastating lake very close to spawn, according to GamesRadar. In the seed, the system that creates lakes made one that was so deep that Minecraft‘s world-generating abilities begin to break. The sinkhole created contains what seems like a whole other world at the bottom. Stardust Labs surprisingly discovered an even larger and more rare seed containing an entire village in a similar sinkhole, just a few days after the first.


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Minecraft’s Glitches Are Just As Fascinating As The Rest Of The Game

A wooden lakehouse in Minecraft

Discovering a one in five million seed in one day and a one in 500 million seed a few days later is very lucky, and Minecraft fans in the replies shared their excitement and their own experiences with these massive sinkhole lakes. The recent controversial Minecraft Mob Vote caused some division among fans of the game, but a striking discovery like this seems to have united many fans in the spirit of curiosity. The program that generated these all-consuming lakes is just a small part of all that goes into Minecraft‘s world generation, and it’s exciting for fans to witness what is possible in the base game alone.

Given the size and scope of the game, it’s only natural that glitches would pop up here and there. Fortunately, Minecraft tends to have more than its fair share of amusing and sometimes even beneficial errors. Last year, for instance, one player was able to use a Minecraft portal glitch to create infinite pork chops, ensuring a limitless source of food for their adventures. While a colossal hole in the fabric of reality itself would be a severe problem in many other games, it’s fitting to Minecraft‘s themes of exploration that its players are treating it as a remarkable discovery instead.

With such numerous possibilities in the base game alone, alongside all the creations and mods Minecraft‘s community has created in the past decade, it’s no wonder that Minecraft has remained popular for so many years. Although the hype around the blocky survival title frequently rises and falls, millions of players are still actively playing and creating every day. From seeds containing lakes that completely break down world generation to fan-made multiplayer modes and the recent creation of a huge Minecraft Civil War build preserving history, it will be interesting to see what else is in store for Minecraft.

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Source: Stardust Labs/Twitter (1, 2) (via GamesRadar)

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