Minecraft Update 2.52 Brings Vanilla Parity Changes & More in 1.19.40 This October 25

Vanilla Parity:


  • Getting killed by a renamed weapon now produces a death message with the item name
  • Getting killed by a mob with a renamed weapon now produces a death message with the item name (MCPE-162055)
  • The Roofed Forest, Savanna Mutated, and Birch Forest biomes use the correct grass colors (MCPE-34936)
  • Mobs no longer spawn within the bounds of an Ancient City (MCPE-153524)
  • Sweet Berries can now be planted on Farmland (MCPE-99632)
  • Changed bubble column strength to match Java Edition (MCPE-158858)
  • Scaffolds now burn at a more correct rate, 1/4 of an item (MCPE-42949)
  • Wither Skeletons can now spawn inside of Wither Roses (MCPE-110127)
  • Decreased the amount of hunger used while swimming to match Java Edition (MCPE-154452)


  • Ravagers can now be hurt by Evoker Fangs
  • Increased Ravager collision box size to match Java Edition (MCPE-142171, MCPE-45531)
  • Increased Ravager speed to match Java Edition (MCPE-48145)
  • Librarian Villagers can now offer Enchanted Books with Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding (MCPE-84906)


  • Players swimming above Mud will not have their screen covered (MCPE-153737)
  • Projectiles landing on Mud will not repeatedly shake (MCPE-153744)
  • Amphibious mobs no longer have trouble pathfinding around Mud Blocks (MCPE-153961)

Spectator Mode (Experimental)

  • Spectators no longer drop XP orbs when killed (MCPE-160245)
  • Spectators no longer reset their player level when killed
  • Water fog is no longer removed for players in Spectator Mode (MCPE-161105)
  • Spectator players no longer play sounds when entering/exiting bubble columns (MCPE-161536)
  • Shulker bullets no longer follow Spectators (MCPE-162069)
  • Spectators are now invisible to normal players
  • If a player is in Spectator Mode and other non-spectating players are present on the server, the spectating player won’t affect mob despawning anymore
  • If there are only spectating players on the server, mob despawning is now put on hold



  • Fixed a crash when using spawn eggs in peaceful worlds on PlayStation 4 Edition
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an animated structure was loading from a Structure Block and the player left a dimension via portal (MCPE-132561)
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to crash when loading an Arrow with an unrecognized data value (MCPE-157983)
  • Fixed a potential crash source in explosions
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving a split screen session
  • Fixed an issue with Marketplace bundle prices not showing as free after purchasing
  • Added a Clear Cache button in Storage Settings for all platforms. This button clears contents of Marketplace folders (but not worlds) and might help alleviate issues downloading content (MCPE-54531)
  • Fixed an issue where Wither effect damage would be reduced by armor (MCPE-159407)


  • Keyboard players can now sprint when moving diagonally (MCPE-144702)
  • Grove biome is now classified as “cold” and Villagers spawned there will be the snow variant (MCPE-147834)
  • Fixed fall damage accumulating while the player is in a Trapdoor block at the top of a bubble column (MCPE-158858)
  • Fixed an issue causing player to move in the wrong direction after turning using VR snap camera movement (MCPE-152443)


  • Baby Villagers will again accept flowers from Iron Golems
  • Guardians are no longer able to float in the air (MCPE-33641)
  • Enabled tamed mobs that follow the player to follow the player through End Portals
  • Fixed an issue where Drowned could change held items when attacking (MCPE-40288)
  • Fixed a bug where mobs with a long hit range could hit players through walls (MCPE-55790)
  • Fixed a bug which caused Boats to disappear when pushed through a portal (MCPE-161563)
  • When a mob is a passenger in a Boat, neither the Boat nor the mob are allowed to change dimension (MCPE-154919)
  • NPCs can now have no name, hiding the nametag above their head


  • Falling blocks no longer break when landing on double Slabs (MCPE-159921)
  • Huge Fungus stems no longer replace partial blocks when growing from Nylium (MCPE-65661)
  • Water texture on some waterlogged blocks no longer renders too bright when placed under other blocks (MCPE-76949)
  • Fixed an issue which caused Redstone to output the wrong signal strength in certain configurations (MCPE-81981)
  • Fixed several issues related to Sticky Pistons being used near world build limits (MCPE-96088)
  • Breaking the block below a Snow-covered Flower now makes the Flower drop instead of the Snow Layer (MCPE-61609)
  • Fixed Beacon block suddenly disappearing when seen from a distance
  • The book of an Enchanting Table now properly faces a nearby player (MCPE-29924)
  • Temporarily reverted the changes to Dirt Path and Farmland collision changes, as well as Soul Sand and Mud blocks sinking while we iron out some bugs


  • Reverted the change that caused Arrows and Tridents to stop moving (MCPE-162085)


  • Fixed an issue with screen position on Android devices (MCPE-159703)

User Interface

  • Removed the “Clear Account Sign in Data” button from the Settings menu from non-Switch platforms, as it is only intended to function on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-129704)
  • Fixed a bug where usernames could be above max size (MCPE-152884)
  • To make finding the right thing in Settings easier, the Profile screen has been split into two new sections: General and Account
  • Ensured proper text-to-speech support for the revamped death screen
  • Fixed a bug where achievements would be disabled for some world templates
  • Fixed a bug in Pocket UI where items could be dropped in the dark-grey areas around the item grid in the Crafting Table screen
  • Fixed a bug in Pocket UI where items could be dropped in the dark-grey areas around the item grid in the inventories for the Horse, Mule, Donkey, and Llama
  • Fixed a bug where the death screen message was visible when the Show Death Message game rule was set to false
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t drag/drop or select items from the equipment page
  • Changed the color of the text descriptions for the ‘Darkness Effect Strength’ and ‘Notification Duration’ accessibility options to a lighter shade to make them more readable (MCPE-162047)
  • Fixed a bug where death messages were sometimes too long to fit on screen (MCPE-156550)
  • Fixed the crafting screen search string not saving correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the durability bar missing on inventory screens on Xbox (MCPE-162063)
  • Fixed a bug where the sign in button on Create New World didn’t work on some platforms
  • The copy coordinates gamepad tooltip now uses the correct icon depending on the platform (MCPE-162654)


  • Shortened text when uploading worlds and add-ons so it fits in the dialog
  • Fixed a problem where custom add-on packs could not be applied properly in Realms settings, as well as fixed a crash during pack uploading (REALMS-10655)
  • Unlocalized text no longer appears when connecting to a Realm with an outdated client

Mobile Touch Controls

  • Fixed a bug where items could not be removed from the hotbar by moving them onto other items in Creative Inventory on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue where the stack splitting progress bar was not aligned on touch mode
  • Adjusted layout of the touch toolbar and status effect icons based on user feedback
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scrolling through the Village trade list on mobile devices
  • When the auto-jumping feature is enabled, the player will now automatically jump out of water when moving toward a block on land
  • In Creative Mode while using touch input with Action Buttons off, the delay for breaking the first block has been increased to 800 milliseconds. This reduces the chance of breaking a block by accident
  • Added support for dragging and dropping with touch gestures in the inventory
  • Double tapping ‘descend’ now toggles off flight in Joystick touch control modes
  • Updated the positioning of status effects for Pocket UI
  • The inventory button for touch devices is now reset to its default appearance after closing the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t swap unstackable items with touch controls
  • Improved the images for the three control schemes in the touch settings menu

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.40 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks

Custom Block Geometry

  • We have released custom block geometry in this version of Minecraft. This means that anyone can make a custom block with their own custom geometry and textures WITHOUT turning on the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle in settings
  • For more information and a list of documentation and tutorials, visit the Custom Block Geometry article on minecraft.net


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the hasItem selector and specifying a negative value for the item’s data (MCPE-152314)
  • Implemented the has_propertyint_propertybool_propertyfloat_property, and enum_property actor behavior filters
  • Added flag is_hidden_in_commandsin menu_category to control whether or not a block can be used in commands
  • Release BlockGeometryComponent out of experimental in JSON formats 1.19.40 and higher
  • Release BlockMaterialInstancesComponent out of experimental in JSON formats 1.19.40 and higher
  • Renamed minecraft:block_light_filtercomponent to minecraft:light_dampening
  • Renamed experiment GameTest Frameworkto Beta APIs
  • The now-renamed Beta APIsexperiment is still needed to access all beta APIs, including core Minecraft APIs and GameTest APIs
  • Fixed a bug where EntityHurtEventwould not fire on player death
  • Entity
    • Updated targetproperty to be read-only
    • Fixed an issue where UI forms would not mark their cancelled field correctly
  • Converted EntityQueryScoreOptions to an interface
  • Converted EntityRaycastOptions to an interface
  • Converted ExplosionOptions to an interface
  • Converted MusicOptions to an interface
  • Converted SoundOptions to an interface
  • Removed built-in GameTest Behavior Packs


  • Implemented the “/execute facing” and “/execute facing entity” commands
  • Implemented the “/execute align” command
  • Fixed a problem with teleports appearing to fly the target to the new location instead of being instant
  • Added the ‘replace block’ overload to the /loot command
  • Implemented the “/execute rotated ” and “/execute rotated as” commands
  • Added the ability to set a custom block with a specific custom block property using the /setblockcommand
  • Copying a bubble column with the /clone command no longer results in invisible water (MCPE-153903)
  • Added new overload to the /summon command that adds rotation arguments
    • New overload is /summon [ spawnPos : x y z] [yRot: float] [xRot: float] [spawnEvent: string] [nametag: string]
  • Previous overload ‘/summon [ spawnPos : x y z] [spawnEvent: string] [nametag: string]’
  • Temporarily disabled the rotation for the /summon command while a bug is worked on
  • Fixed a rotation issue when a Command Block executes ‘execute facing’ and ‘execute rotated’ (MCPE-162256)
  • Implemented the ‘/execute in’ command
  • Implemented the ‘/execute anchored <eyes|feet>’ command

Data-Driven Blocks

  • minecraft:direction is no longer exposed as a data-driven blockProperty. Blocks throw a content error when the “minecraft” namespace is used

Data-Driven Items

  • Added support for recipes to use item tags directly instead of item names
    • Added new item tags
    • Converted several recipes from code into their own recipe files
    • Added several recipes using the new tags to override many old, item specific recipes (these still exist for backwards compatibility):
      • barrel, beehive, bookshelf, bowl, brewing_stand, campfire, cartography_table, chest, composter, crafting_table, daylight_detector, fire_charge, fletching_table, furnace, grindstone, jukebox, lectern, loom, noteblock, painting, piston, shield, smithing_table, smoker, soul_campfire, soul_torch, stick, stone_axe, stone_hoe, stone_pickaxe, stone_shovel, stone_sword, torch, tripwire_hook, wooden_axe, wooden_hoe, wooden_pickaxe, wooden_shovel, wooden_sword
    • Custom Items, tags, and block tags now work correctly with the minecraft:digger component (MCPE-155786)


  • Implemented new is_baby actor filter that returns true when the subject entity is a baby
  • Fixed “bool_property” filters that didn’t specify a “value”

AI Goals

  • Fixed an issue with Iron Golems that prevented mobs with the minecraft:take_flower AI behavior to use the goal
  • Exposed new data parameters for the minecraft:play AI behavior to specify such things as the duration the goal stays active, the chance to start the goal, the range to search for a friend, and the follow distance to stay within when playing with a friend

Entity Documentation

  • Removed experimental markers for The Wild Update entity behaviors and components
  • Added documentation for minecraft:heartbeat
  • Fixed and updated documentation for entity events


  • Events
    • Removed event tick- called each tick
  • System
    • Added system.run() – to queue a callback to run next tick, re-queue each tick to get behavior similar to tick event
  • Block
    • Renamed property idto typeId
  • BlockComponent
    • Renamed property idto typeId
  • Entity
    • Renamed property idto typeId
    • Added read-only property id: string- Returns a unique identifier for the entity. This identifier remains consistent across world loads
  • EntityComponent
    • Renamed property idto typeId
  • ItemComponent
    • Renamed property idto typeId
  • ItemStack
    • Renamed property idto typeId

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

There has been a major breaking change to experimental JavaScript APIs:

All script modules have been renamed to follow a new convention.

  • mojang-gametest-> @minecraft/server-gametest 
  • mojang-minecraft-> @minecraft/server
  • mojang-minecraft-ui-> @minecraft/server-ui
  • mojang-minecraft-server-admin-> @minecraft/server-admin
  • mojang-net-> @minecraft/server-net

For example, rather than using:

import * as mc from “mojang-minecraft”;


import * as mc from “@minecraft/server”;

Use of script eval() and Function() must be explicitly enabled in  manifest.json 

To do this, set script_eval in capabilities array.

“capabilities”: [  “script_eval”]

  • Root path for imports has changed; scripts/ prefix are no longer allowed.
  • For imports, use import “./source.js” or import “source.js”
  • Deprecated use of import “scripts/source.js”

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