MINECRAFT Unveils Another Mob That Players Can Potentially Vote Into The Game Next Week

Days ago, Mojang revealed a mob that players can potentially vote into the game during the Minecraft Live event that’s set to take place next week. The Sniffer was the name of that mob and it could be boiled down to a turtle that occasionally uncovers new, rare seeds. You can find out more about the Sniffer here.

Now Mojang has unveiled another mob that will be an option during the upcoming Mob Vote, which is an annual tradition during which players can decide which of three mobs are implemented into the sandbox game proper.

This time around it’s a creature called “The Rascal”, and it seems to live exclusively in undeground mineshafts. Like the Sniffer, this mob appears to be draped in foliage, however, unlike the Sniffer, the Rascal sports a dwarven appearance and even has its own backpack.

The developers say that the Rascal is one to play hide and seek, which is to say that it will quite literally run away from you and hide somewhere. Should you then manage to find the Rascal a total of three times, it will reward you with an enchanted item.

For example, the Rascal provides an enchanted iron pickaxe in the below clip. However, it remains to be seen whether that’s all the treasure that’s up for grabs.

Be sure to participate in the Mob Vote and choose your favourite of the bunch on October 14th!

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