Minecraft toys for kids

Minecraft toys for kids!

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Minecraft isn’t just a game. For lots of kids who play, it’s a lifestyle. The STEM-learning-heavy, choose-your-own-adventure world of Minecraft is one of the most popular video games around. If your kid hasn’t already started playing at home, it’s likely they’re going to start playing at school.

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The quirky world-building game can keep kids hooked for hours and, once they’ve logged off, it can stoke their imagination and minds long after. If you have a kid fanatic, you know they can eat, sleep and breathe Minecraft. 

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This holiday, we say embrace it. Whether your kids want to bring the block-building home with some Minecraft Legos or they just want to cuddle with a Minecraft Squishmallow-style plush, the wildly popular game is proving that it’s just as popular off the screen as it is on. Here are our favorite Minecraft toys for kids—all kid-approved.

1. A supersized set of Minecraft building blocks

Minecraft toys for kids: Minecraft Make-a-Fort

This incredible, super-sized fort-building kit will bring their Minecraft world into reality. From mineshafts to caves to villager houses, kids can build structures from their favorite mods where they can enact battles and more IRL.

$99 at Make-a-Fort

2. A transforming Minecraft diamond pickaxe and sword

Minecraft toys for kids: A transforming diamond pickax and sword combo

Mine for ore or fight the mobs, this multi-use tool is one of our favorite Minecraft toys for kids. It starts as a diamond pickaxe toy but easily transforms into a powerful diamond sword to take into battle.

As any Minecraft player knows, diamond swords and axes are the most durable and powerful, so this is the ultimate weapon and tool for all of their offline Minecraft adventures.

$29 at Amazon

3. A light-up Minecraft block wall you can build yourself

Minecraft toys for kids: A Minecraft block-building toy

Minecraft is all about the building blocks within it that create other worlds. This is a block toy and light in one where you can build a wall with the most iconic Minecraft blocks and pieces. Then, simply flip the switch and gaze at it in awe until bedtime.

$40 at Amazon

4. A dart-shooting Minecraft axe

Minecraft toys for kids: A Nerf dart launching diamond axe

In Minecraft, a stormlander axe possesses low speed but a high range—making this Nerf dart Minecraft stormlander hammer shooter a perfect real-world toy to bring their play into action.

$16 at Amazon

5. A Minecraft board game

Minecraft toys for kids: A board game they can play offline.

Inspired by the battles you encounter in survival mode in this players discover exciting biomes in this Minecraft Builders & Biomes board game by Ravensburger.

In this game, players collect vital resources and fight against treacherous monsters in this battle against the dangerous Illager. Two to four players work together to restore an abandoned village with the help of their faithful animal companions to keep the village safe.

$40 at Amazon

6. An illuminating ender dragon headlamp

Minecraft toys for kids: An Ender Dragon headlamp.

If you don’t think a headlamp is a toy, you likely aren’t around many kids!

In Minecraft, the ender dragon breathes darkness rays. With this ender dragon headlamp, it spreads rays of light. Kids will be able to be hands-free—for reading late-night Minecraft builder books.

$23 at Amazon

7. A Treasure-X Minecraft mod

Minecraft toys for kids: A Treasure-X and Minecraft combo game

Okay, maybe it’s not a real mod, but it’s definitely a different world when you combine Treasure X with Minecraft. In each of these Treasure X collaborations, you follow Minecraft characters through different elemental challenges to find the golden apple and more.

This is a collectible line with 12 characters you can craft and collect.

Starting at $11 at Amazon

8. An ever-evolving Minecraft sword

Minecraft toys for kids: A light-changing and sound-making sword

Lights and sounds abound with this interactive Minecraft sword toy. One button creates an array of battle sounds, like swooshing and clanging. The other button changed the lights on this toy to make the sword take on various Minecraft properties, including a netherite sword, an enchanted purple sword and a golden sword.

$38 at Amazon

9. Minecraft Uno card game

Minecraft toys for kids: A Minecraft Uno card game

Uno takes on a whole new meaning when it’s suited up to be a Minecraft game. The Creeper card unique to this Minecraft Uno deck forces other players to draw three cards, raising the stakes for a game that’s fun and familiar—but with a twist.

$11 at Amazon

10. Minecraft Craft-a-Block characters

Minecraft toys for kids: Minecraft Craft-a-Block collectibles

These opposable toys are fun to act out your Minecraft adventures with all of your favorite characters. Each Minecraft Craft-a-Block comes with an accompanying accessory and a piece of a nether portal. As you collect more and more pieces, your nether portal is built to completion.

Starting at $9 Amazon

11. A Minecraft game that can travel with you

Minecraft toys for kids: A take-along challenge toy

Fight the ender dragon! This is the perfect way to play Minecraft unplugged. With this Minecraft magnetic travel puzzle, kids can strategize against the ender dragon with the tools and accessories in this magnetized set.

This is perfect for travel or for keeping in the car when screen time has gotten to be a bit too much, but when they just can’t get their mind off of Minecraft.

$13 at Amazon

12. A Minecraft plush toy

Minecraft toys for kids: A Minecraft plush fox

Who says blocks can’t be cuddly? This fluffy Minecraft plush fox is super snuggly and the fox character is just as cute in real life as it is in the game. Who knew blocks could be so cuddly?

$20 at Amazon

13. A motorized Minecraft sabrewing

Minecraft toys for kids: A shooting sabrewing

Online the sabrewing is a versatile, super-charged weapon that’s useful in an abundance of battles. The same thing can be said about this Nerf foam dart blaster. Fashioned like a sabrewing, this Minecraft Nerf blaster is motorized to keep the battle going.

$35 at Amazon

14. A Lego Minecraft set

Minecraft toys for kids: Lego Minecraft sets

If there’s one trend that goes perfectly with the classic elements of Legos, it’s Minecraft. Kids can’t get enough of Lego Minecraft builds and the blocky nature of the wildly popular video game lends itself perfectly to Lego bricks. These Lego sets take the gaming features of Minecraft to the next level and allow for loads of imaginative play.

Personal recommendations include the Lego Minecraft Llama Village and the Lego Minecraft Pig House.

Shop Lego Minecraft sets at Amazon

15. A scented Minecraft squish

Minecraft toys for kids: A Minecraft squish toy

These squishy little Minecraft characters are soothing and just right for sensory regulation. Each has a glittery sheet and are specially scented.

$33 at Amazon

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