Minecraft Sword Enchantments – Top 5

The best Minecraft Sword Enchantments in terms of power are Sharpness, Fire Aspect, and Unbreaking. More below.

Minecraft Sword Enchantments can be the difference maker between dying and respawning. That is why you need to ensure that you are carrying good ones on your weapons. Today we will look at the Top 5 of the best ones so you can take on the Warden itself. Although, we recommend not to.

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Top 5 Minecraft Sword Enchantments, Ranked

The video above is a guide about the best Weapons and suitable Enchantments in the game. Check them out!

5. Knockback – Pushes Enemies Away

Knockback is one of the best enchantments due to its utility. You can avoid fights and progress as long as you have it equipped. Using Knockback, you can create a lot of space between you and the mobs, which will help you get away as quickly as possible.

4. Bane of Arthropods and Smite

We included both of them in one entry because they are situation-specific. However, in those situations, they are instrumental. Bane of Arthropods helps deal additional damage to insects, while Smite is better against undead enemies. Both deals increased damage against their respective mobs.

However, the wrong side is that they do not work effectively against any mob besides the ones they harm.

3. Unbreaking

If you are thinking long-term and want your weapons and armor to last, then this is the best enchantment. Unbreaking will increase the durability of all the weapons and armor it’s enchanted on. Combine this enchantment with a Netherite sword, and you have got yourself something to work with.

Although you can switch this entry with Mending as well. It restores the durability of weapons with experience points.

2. Fire Aspect

Elemental damage is the boon of sword enchantments and having a fire-based one is very important. It significantly increases weapon damage. Plus, if a mob drops raw meat and is affected by the fire damage of this enchantment, they will drop cooked meat instead.

1. Sharpness

All other enchantments have some or the other drawback. This one just increases your base attack against any mob. It does not limit itself like the Bane of Arthropods or Smite; as enchantment levels increase, the attack will also.

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