Minecraft Star Giving Away to Fans Who Use His Skin In Game

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If you’re familiar with the world of Minecraft speerunning, then chances are that you’re familiar with YouTuber ‘Dream’. The Minecraft content creator and speedrunner has been in some serious controversy recently after allegations of him cheating his speedruns surfaced against him in early December.

Through a Tweet on January 24th, the Minecraft star announced that he would be giving away a whopping $1,000 to his fans who wore his Minecraft skin in-game over the next ten days.

Dream also mentioned that he’d be hanging out at the Hypixel server the most, but he’d consider choosing one of the winners from a different server.

In a follow-up Tweet, Dream revealed that he had already given away $1,000 to one fan who he randomly teamed up with during a minigame on the server.

While it might be tough for players to figure out who the real Dream is now that everyone would be wearing his skin, looking at his in-game nickname – which is ‘Dream’ – should help players differentiate him from other fans.

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