Minecraft snapshot 22w45a brings a new evil look to vexes

Mojang has announced a new preview snapshot for Minecraft: Java Edition. Alongside a few new additions and a handful of tweaks, vex mobs have also received significant changes.

Vexes are small mobs that are summoned by evokers and are used to attack foes. Due to their mobility and capability to fly, they can be tough to take down.


While Mojang hasn’t changed vexes’ behavior or inherent health/damage, they have received a new appearance courtesy of snapshot 22w45a. The previous grinning face of the vex has changed, and the creatures have been made smaller overall.

Vex faces now appear angrier and more sinister, and their decreased size isn’t all that it might appear to be.

New-look vexes and other additions in Minecraft Snapshot 22w45a

The new look for vexes in Minecraft's latest Java snapshot (Image via Mojang)
The new look for vexes in Minecraft’s latest Java snapshot (Image via Mojang)

As of Minecraft: Java Edition’s latest snapshot, vexes have been changed to be fairly smaller and angrier in appearance.

However, according to the notes provided by Mojang on Minecraft.net, vexes will retain an oversized hitbox so that players can strike them, just like they would the original design. This change should ensure that the mob retains the same difficulty in a fight despite looking different.

The latest Minecraft snapshot has also made plenty of new additions and a slew of changes to improve quality of life during gameplay.

Two new bamboo-related block types have been added, including the bamboo block and a stripped block of bamboo. The music included as part of The Wild Update was also lowered in volume.


Changes have also been made to the spectating menu and Creative Mode’s operation.

Multiple inventory tabs have been added to Creative Mode’s inventory screen. Several blocks and items have been re-ordered to fit more soundly in these new tabs. Players can now filter through items based on block color or if they’re available exclusively to those who have operator privileges on their server.

Axes have been placed in the combat tab to better represent their status as both weapons and tools. Meanwhile, redstone blocks and items have been cleaned up to appear less cluttered in the tab.

There are many additional reorganizations for the Creative Inventory tabs. There is also a large collection of bug fixes to address problematic issues that have been persisting within the Java Edition community.

Compared to previous snapshots, the bug fixes listed number in the dozens, and they can be found in the official announcement post on Minecraft.net.


With so many improvements and positive changes arriving in this snapshot, many players will likely want to give it a try.

The snapshot can be accessed via the in-game launcher after selecting Java Edition’s tab. To the left of the play button, there is a dropdown list that can be selected. Typically, the latest version of the game is selected, but you can click on the latest snapshot as an alternative.

Once you’re done experiencing the new features, you can always switch back to the current stable build of the game.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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