Minecraft snapshot 22w45a adds two new bamboo blocks for 1.20 update

Minecraft’s upcoming 1.20 update is somewhat focused on increasing the use of bamboo. The latest 22w45a snapshot has introduced two new bamboo blocks as a result.

Java Edition players can update their game to this preview and work with the new bamboo content before version 1.20 goes live.


The bamboo additions aren’t necessarily groundbreaking, but as always, Minecraft fans should find plenty of innovative ways to use them.

The creativity of the game’s player base is nearly endless, and it shouldn’t take long before plenty of exciting builds are created. Whatever the case might be, it isn’t a bad idea to familiarize yourself with these new additions to prepare for them when they’re fully integrated into update 1.20.

Details about Minecraft’s two new bamboo blocks in snapshot 22w45a

A standard collection of the new bamboo blocks (Image via Mojang)
A standard collection of the new bamboo blocks (Image via Mojang)

The two new bamboo blocks added in Minecraft: Java Edition’s snapshot 22w45a are relatively similar to what players may have seen with various wooden log blocks.

Players can now assemble blocks of bamboo by combining nine pieces of bamboo harvested from places like jungle biomes. Additionally, using an axe, players can strip the bamboo blocks (much like they would wood blocks) to create stripped bamboo blocks. This variant possesses a different appearance that takes on a yellow coloration.


These additions should be great for determined Minecraft builders and decorators. More block variety means more interesting and unique builds. The game’s community should relish any and all inclusions that improve their projects.

More bamboo blocks should arrive as update 1.20 approaches, but this recent snapshot offers a hands-on look at what’s to come.

On another note, Minecraft players should also be aware they can craft bamboo planks directly from bamboo blocks. However, creating planks from the bamboo blocks will only yield two planks.

This is somewhat smaller than what players may expect when they can conversely obtain four wooden planks from standard wood log blocks. It’s unclear if this will change in the future, or if Mojang simply has a different design philosophy for bamboo in general.


Apart from the new bamboo blocks, snapshot 22w45a offers plenty of improvements and quality-of-life tweaks to make the overall gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Vex mobs have had their overall models and textures changed. They now appear smaller and more sinister. Meanwhile, new tabs have been included in the Creative Mode inventory UI, and several items have shifted for ease of access.

Even better, Creative Mode’s inventory now possesses a special tab for players who have operator privileges on a multiplayer server. This tab is hidden by default, so it doesn’t cause clutter issues in Creative Mode’s UI. It should be considerably helpful for administrators on Java-compatible servers everywhere.

Hopefully, upcoming snapshots will expand further on bamboo functionality as well as quality-of-life improvements before the full 1.20 update arrives.


Updating Minecraft: Java Edition version to the latest update is simple. Players can simply open the game launcher, select the Java Edition tab, and choose the latest snapshot from the dropdown list next to the play button.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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