Minecraft S8UL SMP members, mods used, and more

India’s Minecraft community has one of the biggest viewership counts in the world. This is primarily because the game is quite accessible and simple to understand. In addition, many content creators choose to play Minecraft due to its multiplayer nature, customizing options, and sandbox capabilities.

Since online play is simple to set up, many influencers and gaming groups decide to start their own servers based on the popular survival multiplayer genre.

These “SMP” servers have been all the rage since servers like the Origins SMP and Dream SMP came into existence. They support a huge number of players and allow fans and content creators to play together. This article will talk about one of India’s newest Minecraft servers, the S8UL SMP.

The S8UL SMP: Everything Minecraft players need to know

As of now, the member list for the S8UL SMP Minecraft server is quite short. Members include (but are not limited to) the following:

1) Adypat


Minecraft YouTuber with almost 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. Most of his recent content revolves around the S8UL SMP server in the form of live streams. As of now, his channel has 26 days of content from the S8UL SMP.

2) pot HEAD


A content creator with over 1,41,000 subscribers on YouTube. Most of his content is based on Minecraft, but he uploads videos and hosts streams related to other games as well. He has a playlist of GTA RP videos as well as multiple PUBG Mobile live streams under his belt. Before playing on the S8UL SMP server, pot HEAD was a regular member of the Solitarycraft server.

3) MortaL


One of the most popular names in Indian gaming, MortaL has a YouTube channel of the same name with over 7 million subscribers. He has played a ton of different games on his channel, including propnight, PUBG New State, Among Us, PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India, and several other games.

4) SoulAman


Another recognizable name on this list is SoulAman, who often goes by the name MrBabluOP. He uses the same name on the S8UL SMP server and is one of its most subscribed members with over 760,000 subscribers on YouTube. Being a variety streamer and YouTuber, Aman plays games like Valorant, Pubg Mobile, and Among Us aside from Minecraft.

5) 8bit Beg4 Mercy


With over 528,000 subscribers on YouTube, 8bit commands a respectable fan following, and plays a ton of different games like Minecraft, Among Us, Grand Theft Auto 5, Pokemon Arceus, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Valorant, and PUBG Mobile. He also focuses on vlogging and comedy sketches.

6) Celestial Myth


Another variety streamer, Celestial Myth, is a YouTuber who is often seen within Minecraft attempting dangerous tricks and making comedic content. Aside from Minecraft, he has also played games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, BioShock Infinite, Need for Speed: The Run, It Takes Two, and other games on his channel.

7) Astrogenix


Astrogenix is a Minecraft streamer who occasionally plays other games as well. He is yet another member of the SolitaryCraft server, like many content creators on this list, and has a following of 3,320 subscribers on YouTube. Other games he plays include Grand Theft Auto RP and Apex Legends Mobile.

8) Sidh4rth


Sidh4rth is a YouTuber who focuses solely on Minecraft. He has previously played on many different SMP servers, including the Mythical SMP, and has made a ton of different video series based on the game. These include the “Minecraft But…” series, his survival series, and other challenges like surviving 99 days and 100 days in one episode.

9) Flash Plays


This variety streamer has an up-and-coming channel that has 7,280 subscribers as of 2022. He plays a ton of games aside from Minecraft, such as Apex Legends, Skribbl, Among Us, and Valorant. He is also known for his building skills and has previously published megabuilds like an “Ice Dragon” build during the 1.18 version of Minecraft.

About the server


Server address: Unknown, due to it being a streamer-only server

The S8UL SMP has been an active server since August 2022 and contains some of the biggest names in the Indian gaming scene as members. The server mostly operates as a vanilla server but has a few quality-of-life mods that make its gameplay interesting.


A mod that is widely seen in streams by members is the “simple voice chat” mod. As its name suggests, this mod introduces proximity chat into the game and allows players to communicate effectively depending on their proximity in relation to other players.

Mods like this can be quite effective when trying to locate lost team members and those with poor internet connectivity or low-end computers can remove the necessity of applications like Discord.

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