Minecraft Redditor shows the debug screen available on Bedrock Edition developer build

The Minecraft Reddit page is filled with all kinds of content related to the popular sandbox title. From beautiful mega builds to complex redstone contraptions, players from all around the globe flock there to post their experiences in the game.

There are loads of posts on which several discussions on different aspects of the game are held.

Recently, a Redditor by the name of ‘u/SenorBlockhead’ posted a normal screenshot of the game, however, it had the debug screen open in Bedrock Edition. In the caption, the original poster mentions that there is a debug screen in Bedrock Edition, but only in the developer build.

The debug screen in Minecraft essentially shows all the intricate details of the game, such asthe light level on the block, coordinates of the player, and the direction the player is facing, among others.

This screen is only available on Java Edition by pressing the ‘F3’ button. however, it is also present in the developer build in Bedrock Edition.

Reactions from people on the debug screen in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition developer build

For years, Java Edition players have boasted that they are able to use the debug screen to observe and know all the details of the game while playing.

Hence, the post erupted as it proves how the other version also has the feature but was simply available to developers. Within a day, it received over 21 thousand upvotes and over 800 comments.

Redditors were shocked to see the feature, which was Java exclusive, appear in one of the developer builds in Bedrock Edition. They also talked about other features that can decrease and increase the time in the game.

Most people were simply unaware that the cross-platform version of the game had this feature behind a developer build.

After finding out that the debug screen is on the version in the developer build, many people started questioning other features that Bedrock Edition didn’t have like hardcore mode, spectator mode, and custom world generation.

Java Edition holds a lot of customization as compared to Bedrock, hence people were angrily questioning these features.

Overall, long discussions went on for hours in the post over both versions of the game. The debate over which version is better has been going on since the beginning, and it continues to this day.

The post is still getting loads of attention and people are pouring in to their thoughts on the matter.

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