Minecraft Redditor shares their adorable bee-themed Halloween costume 

A Redditor with the username ‘evvils’ recently showed off their Halloween costume inspired by bees in Minecraft. They posted a picture of the outfit on the game’s subreddit with the caption:

“My Halloween costume! Minecraft bee maid!”

The Redditor wore a bee mask, which was a perfect recreation of the Minecraft mob. They also wore a yellow and white dress with white socks and black shoes to complete the look. These items perfectly complemented the stellar mask. The outfit is one of the most unique Halloween costumes inspired by the game this year.

Halloween is a fun time for Minecraft players. For starters, it’s an excellent time to build some interesting things in the game, like a pumpkin home or a renovated witch hut. There are also plenty of frightening aspects, like many hostile mobs, the entire Deep Dark biome or abandoned villages, that make the game great to play on Halloween.

However, players can also bring the Minecraft experience to the real world. The game has many mobs that make for great Halloween costumes, like Endermen and Steve.

Reddit community reacts as Minecraft player creates perfect bee costume for Halloween

Bees spawn in forest biomes (Image via Mojang)
Bees spawn in forest biomes (Image via Mojang)

Bees were added to Mojang’s sandbox sensation in the 1.15 update. They are a flying, neutral mob that can be provoked. They spawn in Meadows, Sunflower Plains, Plains, Mangrove Swamps, Flower Forests, Forests, Birch Forests, and Old Growth Birch Forests.

Bees are an overlooked mob because many players don’t realize what they can do. They can drop XP when killed, but they also pollinate plants. Their hives are also good for collecting honey, which is a valuable item in different ways.

There are a lot of reasons why the bee is considered a useful mob. This is potentially why Redditor evvils decided to dress up like one for Halloween.

The community seems to love the entire costume, from the mask to the dress that goes with it.

One user was very impressed with the mask.

Another just loved the entire outfit.

Others noticed a trend and wondered where it might go in the future.

There was some concern regarding the Redditor’s visibility.

Other players were inspired by the outfit and had similar ideas for next Halloween.

This user thought the chosen color scheme was excellent.

It matches the bee aesthetic perfectly.

Many users were left almost speechless.

Overall, the community has given this post a lot of love. In just 21 hours at the time of writing, the post received over 15k upvotes.

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