Minecraft Redditor gets killed by annoying bug in Bedrock Edition

On September 25, Minecraft Redditor u/JustAnotherAustin posted a video to Reddit detailing a particularly awful in-game bug. While playing Bedrock Edition on Nintendo Switch, JustAnotherAustin met his end in the Nether almost completely without warning.

While traversing a bastion remnant, the Minecraft player briefly placed a carrot in their hand before opening their inventory screen. Once the screen was closed, JustAnotherAustin moved to the corner of a small room in the bastion, which inexplicably caused him to start taking damage. Though he tried to avoid additional damage by placing blocks, the effort was in vain. JustAnotherAustin died in the Nether, presumptively losing all of his items in the process.

Reaction to Minecraft Bedrock Edition bug leads to complaints about the Switch port

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's Switch version has been met with scrutiny in the past (Image via Mojang/Nintendo)
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s Switch version has been met with scrutiny in the past (Image via Mojang/Nintendo)

According to JustAnotherAustin and the UI in his posted video, the fatal bug emerged in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Nintendo Switch. Many comments on the Reddit post pointed out the myriad flaws they encountered while playing the Switch port. Though Mojang has made efforts to fix the game’s various bugs, the game’s community has often pointed out that the Nintendo console has been much more problematic compared to other ports of Bedrock.

One commenter on the Minecraft subreddit named GigaSoup made a very good point as to why the Switch version of the game performs so poorly in some situations. Specifically, the Switch console imposes file size restrictions on save files from applications. This compression of game saves can cause instability, and this can lead to many debilitating bugs, crashes, or other unintended consequences. Meanwhile, hosting a server prevents many of these problems, as they don’t require the same compression as save files kept locally on the Switch’s device storage.

There was plenty of serious discussion as to the performance of Bedrock’s console ports and its Switch one specifically, but other players took a more jovial tone to the bug. Some jokingly alleged that Mojang had secretly included a “heart attack” feature to the game, while others remarked that perhaps JustAnotherAustin’s character was allergic to the carrots he was carrying.

One commenter also noted that the bubble meter had appeared very briefly before the in-game death, seemingly pointing to the fact that the death was caused by suffocation. However, suffocation is an incredibly unusual cause of death within the Nether, and it’s clear from the video that JustAnotherAustin’s head wasn’t obstructed. Therefore, the only possible explanation for suffocation in the video was due to an unforeseen bug.

Since JustAnotherAustin remarked that he was likely done with Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Redditors suggested that he pick up Java Edition as an alternative. Another comment suggested that the Steam Deck would suit him better, since the new portable console is capable of running Java Edition on par with a quality PC, and it even has shader support.

Hopefully, JustAnotherAustin’s experience in Minecraft: Java Edition is much more agreeable than his bug-ridden one in Bedrock. Unfortunately, no game or port is perfect, and Mojang may need to pay more attention to their console ports to clean up bugs causing accidental deaths. They may not be the worst errors to experience, but they can be incredibly frustrating.

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