Minecraft Redditor creates plugin that kills players in dark places

Minecraft plugins are an excellent way to add a little extra flair to gameplay, and a Redditor recently shared a new plugin that is sure to provide players with a challenge.

On November 15, 2022, user Willio2000 showed off their new creation — a plugin that ties a player’s health to their overall light level — on the game’s official subreddit.

With this plugin, a Minecraft player’s maximum health is reduced depending on the light level of the block they’re standing on.

This plugin will certainly make survival much more difficult, as players who enter very dark areas can die immediately. This means players must ensure that they have enough light sources on hand to keep themselves in a safe zone.

Willio2000’s plugin also makes nightfall a dangerous time to be adventuring.

Minecraft’s subreddit reacts to Willio2000’s darkness plugin

Light sources like glowstone are likely invaluable for Willio2000's plugin (Image via Mojang)
Light sources like glowstone are likely invaluable for Willio2000’s plugin (Image via Mojang)

It didn’t take long for the Minecraft subreddit to react to Willio2000’s plugin concept.

Some considered it to be a reversed idea of how vampires avoid sunlight or the game Don’t Starve, where darkness can be fatal. Others related the concept back to Grues, dangerous creatures found in content created by RLCraft.

Due to the intriguing potential of the plugin, it was only natural that some commenters requested a download link.

Initially, Willio2000 didn’t have a link available, but they eventually edited a previous comment to provide one. It appears the plugin operates in .jar format, which is expected.

Willio2000 informed a commenter that they used helpful online tutorials to code the plugin, as they didn’t know how to piece it together in Java quite yet.

As with many mods, plugins, and add-ons posted to the Minecraft subreddit, plenty of players provided feedback to improve the overall gameplay experience.

One commenter suggested that the darkness shouldn’t kill players outright but instead leave them with half a heart of health. This would put them in a precarious situation where one bad move can result in death.

Suffice to say, more than a few Minecraft players downloaded the plugin and thoroughly enjoyed it. Others came up with intriguing modded playthrough ideas, such as being forced to survive in a small area with limited light.

This plugin would undoubtedly make Hardcore Mode terrifying, as death is permanent in the game mode.

Player-developed modifications and plugins are always a joy to find in Minecraft’s subreddit. This is because smaller developers sometimes don’t post their work on major sites or make it available via the Bedrock Edition marketplace.

Social media works exceptionally well in this regard, giving creators an additional platform for their work and sharing it with the larger community.

Hopefully, in the coming days, more creators will be open about sharing their own modifications. Every time a creator does so, the community is a little bit better for it.

One of the great aspects of modern communication is the ability to bring so many like-minded players together to show each other what they’ve been able to create.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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