Minecraft Redditor creates in-game 3D printer using sand blocks

Minecraft is such a powerful sandbox game that players have created some of the most bizarre structures and contraptions in it. The combination of an unlimited variety of blocks and redstone that automate things makes the game ideal for building anything. Recently, a Redditor showcased how they created a 3D printer that creates a mini-structure all by itself.

On October 26, a Redditor named ‘u/ajemalbatros’ posted a video of how their 3D printer worked. They first showed an assortment of concrete powder and glass pane blocks inside each shulker box. After keeping all the shulkers in a large chest and pressing a few buttons and levers, the entire redstone contraption sprang to life.

The user created each layer of the 3D print on a flat surface at the bottom first, then the entire contraption comes down and picks up the layer. This process continues as the main 3D print starts to take shape in the top half. The entire video is sped up quite a lot, judging by the movement of the entire contraption. Even though it must be slow in real life, the printer was fascinating to watch.

Users react to 3D printer made by Minecraft Redditor

Setting up a highly complex redstone contraption to create something bizarre is not new on the Minecraft Reddit page, but making a 3D printer is new and innovative. People loved how the original poster created a contraption that could automatically build 3D mini-structures on its own. Within a day, the post gathered close to three thousand upvotes and several comments.

After a controversial takedown of a famous post on this subreddit, many users talked about whether this post will also go down or not. Previously, the page’s modders removed a post about how players created a computer inside the game.

This sparked a lot of debate in the community as they criticized the subreddit moderators. Though some are still angry about these removals, they hope this post about a brilliant 3D printer doesn’t get locked or removed.

Several Redditors properly discussed how the printer worked. One of them also explained how they created a 3D printer in their own world, but it was not as good as this one.

Others mentioned how Ilmango, a well-known Minecraft content creator, also created a 3D printer. The original poster replied that the printer made by Ilmango left sand blocks on the print itself, whereas their version doesn’t.

The sheer level of redstone used must be crazy in this 3D printer created inside Minecraft. While most Redditors appreciated the original poster directly, others humorously commented on how basic their redstone knowledge is.

They mentioned how they could only craft a pressure plate, make a piston go up and down, and can’t even open a door. These kinds of threads are often fun to read since people keep adding comments.

Overall, thousands of Minecraft Redditors loved the unique concept of a 3D printer in the game. The post even received a handful of Reddit awards to further appreciate the original poster. It continues to rake up views and upvotes after 18 hours since it went live.

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