Minecraft Redditor creates entire map of Europe in-game 

On Minecraft’s official subreddit, players around the world share their thoughts and also their builds. Every so often, a fan posts a creation that truly inspires awe in the community, and one of these builds was shared on October 26, 2022.

Minecraft Redditor impis_ shared their latest project: an in-game recreation of the European subcontinent. The poster used a very high amount of detail to ensure accuracy, even including the smallest landmasses in the region, such as the Canary Islands.

The map was formed through the use of the third-party Minecraft program Worldpainter and comes complete with region-specific foliage and even hand-picked ore deposits.

Minecraft subreddit reacts to impis_’s Europe build

European builds have become a mainstay within the community (Image via 9Minecraft)
European builds have become a mainstay within the community (Image via 9Minecraft)

According to impis_, the creation of the European subcontinent is part of their larger project involving recreating Earth itself in Minecraft on a 1:90 scale. Earth creations are incredibly popular and have even been used for multiplayer servers to offer a semi-real experience as players build across known real-world locations.

Here are some fan responses alongside impis_’s comment:

Many commenters on r/Minecraft expressed their appreciation for the build, with some cracking jokes and others requesting a download link. The details of the map are excellent, and there’s no doubt that many fans would love to add many different things to such an accurate representation of Europe. Moreover, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are also included in the screenshot, likely providing even more room to build and craft as a player desires.

Even at a 1:90 scale, this map is truly impressive regardless of how it was made. However, downscaling was likely vital to the project, as creating a 1:1 scale iteration of the Earth would be incredibly difficult and take an immense amount of time to build and detail. That isn’t to say some players haven’t tried to accomplish this, but scaling down the build allowed impis_ to save a substantial chunk of time while having more control over smaller details like available resources.

Countless players have likely envisioned their desire to build on the European subcontinent. This map provides one of the best opportunities available to achieve that, though impis_ is yet to provide a download link for the map so far. Hopefully, the community gets their wish and can work on their projects by using OP’s map for their own pursuits.


The scope of some builds posted to the game’s subreddit is truly astonishing. Just recently, a build went viral for essentially reconstructing the most major aspects of the known universe, from Earth to the Pillars of Creation. Projects such as these are a testament to the boundless creativity of the game’s community and what it’s capable of creating.

Minecraft offers limitless build possibilities but comes with some constraints due to the engine and the hardware running the game. That said, it still provides one of the most capable sandboxes for gamers to flex their creative muscles.

As gamers continue to build, others are inspired to do the same, forming a magnificent feedback loop that shows why the world’s most beloved sandbox game has endured for over a decade.

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