Minecraft Redditor combines LEGO and Minecraft with amazing texture pack

Minecraft has often collaborated with other brands. In recent years, they’ve worked with PUMA, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo, and Major League Baseball, among other huge brands. Collaborations are not as frequent as in other titles like Fortnite, but they’re still a pretty big part of the game.

One iconic brand that seems like a match made in heaven but has not yet been partnered with is LEGO. Minecraft is a block-based game, while LEGOs are blocks and their figures are blocky. It’s a collaboration that makes perfect sense.

That’s why one Minecraft Redditor took it upon themselves to bring the two together with a stunning new texture pack they’re working on. Check it out below.

Minecraft player retextures zombies with LEGO design

LEGO and Minecraft are such a perfect combination that, aside from the sponsored LEGO sets that people can purchase and build, it’s a surprise they’ve not worked together.

Two of the most prominent games that both happen to be block-based? It’s just too perfect. Fortunately, thanks to u/Cirelectric on Reddit, there is a collaboration, albeit unofficial.

The video follows a few retextured zombies made into LEGO minifigures. One of them is even wearing armor and holding a weapon. They are chasing a villager who has not yet been retextured but will be soon.

That shouldn’t be too difficult, especially given how well the zombies turned out. Not all Minecraft entities should be too much of a challenge to make into LEGO-esque figures, which is why it’s a surprise it’s not been officially done. The creator is planning on doing the following:

  • Zombie
  • Villager
  • Zombie Villager
  • Skeleton
  • Drowned
  • Pig

Texture packs exist for a lot of different things. There are texture packs that change the color, the design, and sometimes even the shape of certain aspects of the game.

LEGO texture (Image via u/Cirelectric on Reddit)
LEGO texture (Image via u/Cirelectric on Reddit)

Hopefully, as this Redditor continues to produce great LEGO retextures, a full pack could be on the way. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to the first post, it would certainly be a popular add-on for many gamers.

One commenter wants to see more.

Others can’t wait to try it out for themselves.

A second echoed that same sentiment, just louder.

The original poster was definitely dedicated to their craft.

Another commenter couldn’t help but notice the irony.

If there’s one thing the community is really good for, it’s coming together to help make something great.

This commenter speaks for the majority of the community.

Overall, the post has already received almost nine thousand upvotes in less than a day at the time of writing. It deserves every bit of the praise it’s receiving.

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