Minecraft Redditor builds Cthulhu statue using copper 

A Minecraft Redditor with the username EtienneTruong recently built a statue of Cthulhu in the game. They showed off their creation in a Reddit post on November 2, 2022. The post is titled:

“Cthulhu statue to protect us from lightning.”

The Minecraft build is quite detailed and includes the trademark pale green color associated with the Chthonic deity. The statue is made almost entirely using different variants of copper blocks, each at varying stages of their oxidation process.

The base of the build features a small custom-made pond that has tons of lily pads and underwater lighting in the form of sea lanterns. It also has some decorations in the form of dark prismarine blocks, prismarine bricks, and some buttons.

As one goes up the base, a copper platform comes into view. It contains acacia fences, acacia buttons, cut copper, oxidized cut copper, and copper ore. The base is finished off with some twisted vines for decoration.

The next section is the statue of Cthulhu. The feet are made up of dark prismarine stairs. Most of its body is constructed using oxidized and cut copper blocks, except its shoulders, each of which is made using a single oxidized block of copper.

The statue has hands made of prismarine as well as a chest made of a sea lantern, a warped trapdoor, and a banner. It also has a neck made of warped planks.

The face of the statue resembles Cthulhu. It is mainly made of sea lanterns and warped trapdoors. The sea lanterns are there to ensure that each component glows when night falls.

One of the most fascinating parts of the Minecraft build is the squid that is attached to Cthulhu’s face. This is an attempt to replicate the tentacles of the creature. For players who don’t know, Cthulhu has the head and face of an octopus.

A large trident made of acacia fences can be seen in the statue’s hand. The staff is held upright, and its triple-pointed side is made using fences and granite. Additionally, the trident contains the best part of the entire build: three lightning rods mounted on top.

The purpose of a lightning rod in Minecraft is to attract lighting and divert it away from items or surfaces that can catch fire.

Having three lightning rods will render the surrounding area relatively safe from lightning strikes while also potentially changing the color of the many copper blocks within the build.

Reactions to Minecraft player EtienneTruong’s copper-based Cthulhu build

Many Redditors have given their thoughts on EtienneTruong’s copper-based Cthulhu build in Minecraft. Here are some of the reactions:

Statue builds are quite popular in the Minecraft community. Some players build statues of themselves or characters from pop culture, while others build them as secondary details that contribute to a larger structure.

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