Minecraft Preview makes campfires a little safer

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Preview builds test upcoming changes and feature additions to Minecraft with players.
  • Mojang Studios is now rolling out Minecraft Preview to all testing platforms except iOS.
  • The build contains no new features, but does tweak campfires to not set players and mobs on fire.

The world of Minecraft stops for no blocky mob, as evidenced by the release of Minecraft Preview Mojang Studios’ latest pre-release Minecraft: Bedrock Edition test is far from the most exciting build we’ve seen, but it does include a number of new fixes and minor improvements for players to test.

Following the admittedly more exciting Minecraft Preview, the latest Minecraft Preview build is populated primarily by smaller changes, such as making it so that campfires no longer set fire to players or mobs, or destroy minecarts. The chiseled bookshelf block from the Minecraft 1.20 update also no longer immediately trips observer blocks when the world loads, making your secret bookshelf doorway a little more secure.

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