Minecraft Players Share What Features They Want Removed From the Game

Minecraft is an incredibly popular title with a still-active fan base. The game released over a decade ago, yet it is still being supported and played to this day. Minecraft has maintained its popularity, and it does not look like it will slow down any time soon, especially as the title continues to see new content such as Minecraft’s Minions DLC.

Despite being so well loved, there are aspects of Minecraft that some players would like to see gone. There are things in the game that upset fans and serve as major inconveniences to their experience with the title. Minecraft may have a lot of features loved by those who play it, but there are still things that could be adjusted.


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On Reddit, a user known as pencilchatwastaken posted the question of what gamers would love to see removed from Minecraft. One of the main things that fans would like to see changed is the reporting system in Minecraft that Mojang has received backlash for. Many players dislike the fact that they can be banned for using words that are deemed inappropriate in private servers, as well as paid realms. Another feature that fans want altered is the level cap on anvils, which prevents players from being able to permanently keep an item as they can no longer repair it when the cost gets too high. The third major aspect that gamers want to see changed or removed are Phantoms. The mob is considered to be a major annoyance by many and is one of the top components of the game that players want to see disappear.

There were also a few smaller grievances brought up by Redditors. This included poisonous potatoes and the game’s Marketplace. One user mentioned the bat mobs, as they feel they’re only good for triggering Shriekers. Another said silverfish, which once again was due to the mob being annoying. The post showed that there are a number of major issues with aspects of Minecraft that many would like to see changed in order to help improve their experience.

Despite the things that many players would like to see changed in Minecraft, there are some that are tackling amazing ongoing projects. A YouTuber known as Minthical recently streamed themselves playing the game, showing off the progress they’ve made in attempting to completely mine a Minecraft map and strip it down to bedrock level. The player has been at it for five years now and hopes to complete their task by September. It is estimated that 47 million blocks need to be mined in order to completely clear out a map, and last December, the YouTuber had mined around 38 million blocks. It is a monumental task and very impressive that Minthical has already come this far.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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