Minecraft Players Find Way To Make Wither-Proof Cages With New Update

You can go to the End and take on a giant dragon away from your homebase, swim underwater and fight the Guardian, safe from destroying your little town, but if you want to fight a Wither, you need to make a trek to somewhere secluded, or you risk them blowing everything to kingdom come. Or, you can stick ’em in a box made of leaves, apparently.

The Wither can shred through stone bricks, nether bricks, and even obsidian, but the newest update adds waterlogged leaves that, for whatever reason, the Wither cannot penetrate. At least, not when it’s attacking you. Usually, its attacks cause collateral damage and destroy blocks around you, but it also has a specific block-destroying attack that may well wipe out these leaves. But in the six seconds clip shared by c0hencidence, where they run around in the cage with the Wither, the cage stays standing.


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This clip was recorded on the Java version so Bedrock may, and likely does, differ, but for now, there’s a way to lock up a Wither. Given that, on easy mode, the Wither won’t fire blue skulls without a target, this is an incredibly useful discovery. Albeit, it’s one that will probably get patched out before the next snapshot, but for the time being, you can stick a Wither in a little box and leave ’em be. Come back when you have the right tools, slowly chip away at it every now and then – the world’s your oyster.

Wither cages have been a hot topic for Minecraft players for some time now – if you’re in creative, you can slap em in a bedrock box. But if you’re in creative, what are you bothering with a Wither for? You’ll only ever really want one caged up if you’re playing on survival – whether you want it as a trophy, to keep as part of a zoo, or just as decoration for your mansion. I don’t really get why anyone would want one, but people do.

The usual way is not to make a literal cage, but to trap them between blocks and fences while baiting them with other mobs like Iron Golems. This way they’ll be focused on something else they’re unable to reach, firing at them without being able to hit them, and stuck for eternity. It’s more of a trap than a cage, but it works.

Others build entire redstone contraptions to keep them contained – I’d go into detail about how these work, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s as easy-to-understand as reading Simlish Lord of the Rings with a telescope from across a river. I don’t get it. The point is, redstone, lots of blocks, and a Wither. Bob’s your uncle.

Maybe we can combine this redstone magic, mob trickery, and new waterlogged leaf feature to make the ultimate Wither trap-cage combo. Minecrafters are a creative bunch.

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