Minecraft Player’s Evil Pumpkin Home Is Perfect For Halloween

A creative Minecraft player has created an evil pumpkin house in time for Halloween this year, even working to provide a guide for others to build it.

A Minecraft player has created an incredible pumpkin house build ahead of Halloween. The game enables players to explore unlimited possibilities, with one recent Minecraft build even recreating the universe itself, producing striking renditions of various cosmic entities like black holes and planets.

Inspiration for Minecraft builds can come from anywhere. Fans have created builds based on famous landmarks, other video games, and, of course, holidays. Seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas naturally prompt an outpour of specially-themed builds from enthusiastic Minecraft players. Of course, Minecraft already allows fans to build with snow and ice, and there are multiple pumpkin variants for October builds as well. But for players who want to go the extra mile, the game is more than capable of handling some incredible artistic installations. For example, last year saw one player produce an impressive Halloween-themed Jack-o’-Lantern tower in Minecraft.


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This year, with Halloween still some weeks away, the Minecraft fanbase is already starting to see the debut of similar creations. Reddit user Folli_YouTube posted a spectacularly scary pumpkin house to the site, quickly garnering over 26,000 upvotes. The giant pumpkin includes features such as a pair of glowing eyes and a mouth full of pointed teeth, as well as a large green stem to enhance realism. In the common Minecraft practice of repurposing blocks and items in unusual ways, these teeth are actually made of Pointed Dripstone, the block used to form in-game stalactites and stalagmites. The end result is an enormous Minecraft Jack-o’-Lantern which has come to life to haunt the world around it. For fans particularly enamored with Folli_YouTube’s pumpkin house, the user is also producing a building guide, giving Minecraft players the opportunity to recreate it in their own worlds.

Minecraft Player Promises Building Guide For Pumpkin House

This pumpkin house looks to be the perfect way for Minecraft players to prepare for Halloween. It’s an excellent mix of impressive and spooky, just like all Halloween decorations should be. Folli_YouTube’s decision to share a building plan for the house is also commendable, since it gives interested fans a chance to add seasonal charm and spookiness to their own Minecraft worlds and servers.

It seems that this year will see an entire crop of creepy pumpkin houses growing throughout Minecraft. Players who use Folli_YouTube’s building plan won’t need to look far this year if they are in need of ideas for a Minecraft haunted house. Of course, given the history of the crafting game and its fanbase, odds are good that there will be many more unique and frightening Halloween-themed Minecraft builds to admire before the month is out.

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Source: Folli_YouTube/Reddit

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