Minecraft player uses new chiseled bookshelves to create impressive pixel art

The Minecraft 1.20 update is coming very soon. The 1.19 update has been out for nearly a year and Mojang recently confirmed that the next update is coming very soon. They officially declared that it would arrive in 2023, which could end up being sooner rather than later.

As a result, they’ve begun working on some features for the new update, including camels, chiseled bookshelves, sniffers, hanging signs, bamboo wood and more. These are available through the experimental features aspect of the latest snapshots.

There are a lot of fun aspects they’re thinking about adding, but chiseled bookshelves have the potential to be one of the most useful. They’re going to change how books are used in the game.

One Minecraft Redditor discovered a very incredible use for them: as pixel art. Pixel art has been very popular in the game for a while thanks to the multicolored blocks available, but this is a brand new way of doing it. Check it out below:

Minecraft Redditor uses chiseled bookshelves to redefine pixel art

Pixel art is used in one of two ways. Either players upload a picture into a generator and it puts the correct blocks in place or they do that manually, which is a lot harder.

With the sheer amount of blocks in the game, most pictures can be made. It’s not an easy process, but gamers can construct an image using smaller blocks, it just has to be on a large scale.

Pixel art in-game (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Pixel art in-game (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Some very cool pixel art has been done over the years and it often looks very realistic, but it’s always been done in the same way. It has been a long time since players have had a new way of doing it.

If not for this Redditor, they may not have even known that this was possible. Either way, with chiseled bookshelves, gamers can draw in-game.

The way this works is that a chiseled bookshelf can have six of any kind of book in it. That means books, books and quills, enchanted books and any other kind can be put onto the shelf. Using the right type in the right place (again, incredibly difficult), gamers can make an image.

This one is of a character. While it’s not colored the right way (the Redditor mentions the struggle of not being able to use colors properly yet), it still looks great.

The community seems to agree. They’ve loved this post, with many positive comments being left under it.

One commenter is imagining the possibilities.

A bad Apple is inevitable.

Another player expected one thing, but was impressed with the actual result.

Mojang probably never imagined any of this would be possible.

Many were simply awestruck by the image.

Other Minecraft gamers, as they often do, have come up with suggestions on how to make it work even better.

If Mojang is listening, they’ll be able to do even more in the future.

Overall, the community is excited about this new possibility. They’ve given the post over four thousand upvotes in just 21 hours.

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