Minecraft player showcases smooth door animation created using command blocks

Every now and again, Minecraft players create something stunning. Whether it’s an incredibly massive build or a unique contraption, the game allows for unbridled creativity. Anything is possible in the game, and crafters have taken that idea very seriously.

Some of the most impressive things created in Minecraft are often powered by redstone. As the only real power source in the game, redstone is pretty important and incredibly useful. Most gamers use it to power an automatic door or a sugar cane farm, both of which aren’t terribly difficult to construct. Occasionally, there are more complex creations (including an entire video game emulator) that use redstone and command blocks.

One Minecraft Redditor created one of the most impressive redstone creations in recent memory with a mind-blowing automatic door.

Minecraft Redditor creates stunning automatic door with an absurd amount of command blocks

Redstone was first introduced to Minecraft in the 1.5 update, and ever since, the possibilities within the game have been endless. It’s a rudimentary form of power, but it does so much within the confines of the block world.

Redstone can automate almost anything, and in this particular case, it’s being used to automate a door.

Most automatic doors are very simple. They usually consist of a wooden door with a pressure plate or an iron door with a button. However, u/ollieledge’s automatic door is much more complicated, and as a result, a lot more interesting.

The Redditor used an astonishing 400 command blocks, which is a level of automation that even the savviest redstone users shy away from. They constructed what looked like a wall of copper blocks, some of which were already weathered.

In the clip posted on the r/Minecraft subreddit, they can be seen pressing a button and pausing for dramatic effect. What ensues is one of the most impressive automatic door openings in recent memory. Each section of the door moves out of place in a different way, making it both unique and awe-inspiring.

The inside of the door (Image via u/ollieledge on Reddit)
The inside of the door (Image via u/ollieledge on Reddit)

What is perhaps even more impressive is the fact that it closes in the exact same manner after a short delay. The twists and turns of the door are replicated in reverse to make for an impressively smooth transition both ways.

The community has always enjoyed seeing impressive redstone builds, and this one was no different. Many Redditors were simply awestruck with the invention.

Others were shocked at how smoothly something like this could run.

One Minecraft player couldn’t even begin to fathom the amount of commands in use for this door.

As it turns out, the actual construction of the door isn’t that complicated. The use of redstone and command blocks are easily the most challenging part of the build.

This is the kind of build that makes everyone do a double-take.

Many tried to uncover the secrets of the door.

One tried to challenge the Redditor to make this kind of build in Survival, which is nigh impossible.

One commenter wanted to make it even more complex.

Overall, the post had received over 17 thousand upvotes in just 23 hours at the time of writing.

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