Minecraft player shares a neat trick to do impossible parkour jumps

Parkour challenges in Minecraft are incredibly fun but can sometimes be pretty tough. Depending on the parkour map being played, some jumps seem almost impossible to pull off without taking a bad fall.


On the official Minecraft subreddit, one player offered a helpful tip to clear nearly impossible jumps on most parkour maps. The poster u/Leomelonseeds shared a video showing that turning approximately 45 degrees during a jump will increase a player’s movement speed by two percent, allowing parkour fans to clear challenging parkour jumps.

This advice was not previously known by more than a few Minecraft players. Based on how the game engine operates, even minute changes when moving or in the air can influence a character’s momentum just enough to give them the needed distance to clear difficult jumps.

Players react to u/Leomelonseeds’ Minecraft parkour tip on Reddit

As expected, this parkour tip post drew some interesting comments from Minecraft players on the subreddit. Players talked about different parkour maps as well as momentum changes between versions of the game. Other commenters dug deep into how approach and direction vectors operated in other games before Minecraft’s time.

Other Minecraft players also broke down how movement in the game worked in general, for both parkour purposes and the popular bunny-hopping maneuver often seen used by speedrunners.

Other players reminisced on old games such as Doom or Quake, which also utilized the diagonal approach vector methods since their movement direction vectors weren’t normalized from a programming standpoint.

Some players also recommended using the 45-degree turn in other facets of the game, such as when you’re playing Survival Mode. Placing blocks and using weapons can also utilize midair momentum, something to keep in mind even if a player isn’t a committed parkour player or professional speedrunner.

Some players even related the Reddit video to games that utilized the Source engine created by Valve. In games such as Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, or Half-Life: Source, players can also utilize non-normalized approach vectors to pick up speed as they move and also utilize bunny-hopping to get the speedy drop on their adversaries. It appears that Minecraft is just one of many games to use this programming in a positive manner.

At any rate, this tip should help out prospective parkour fans who have been struggling on some of the tougher maps available from the community. There are a number of tricks to keep in mind to maximize momentum and make your way to a block that seems impossible to reach. The 45-degree approach is certainly one way of doing so, but it’s by no means the only trick available.

The game may see changes to momentum as Mojang has implemented them in the past, but the current trick appears to be working just fine as of version 1.19. It never hurts to try out the trick yourself in parkour or other facets of the game to see how it might be incredibly helpful to your pursuits.

There are so many unspoken tips and tactics to be used in the world’s most popular sandbox game, and new ones are being discovered all the time. Keep up with Sportskeeda as we strive to uncover them for you.

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