Minecraft Player Reveals Helpful Trick to Keep Water from Freezing

A Minecraft player has shared a creative way to prevent water from freezing solid in the game. The method is one that many may not have thought of, and can be quite convenient for the player.

Frozen water in Minecraft serves plenty of purposes, but players don’t always want water to freeze, as liquid water is even more important. There are a few ways to keep water from freezing in the game, but this one has received praise for being inventive and pleasant to look at.


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Minecraft player and Reddit user doktorpapago took to the site to share how they keep water from freezing. Doktorpapago has put leaves in the water block, with the image they uploaded demonstrating it, as the area of water remains fluid despite being in a cold biome. As doktorpapago pointed out, the waterlogged leaves not only keep the water from freezing and add a nice aesthetic, but they can also be walked over normally. Doktorpapago notes that this makes it easier for them to walk through their crops and collect them.

For those who may be new to Minecraft, leaves can be collected from nearly any tree to use in this way, but doing so has some prerequisites. Players who want Minecraft leaves from trees can’t simply cut the tree down and break down the leaves. In order to break them down and actually collect them, players have to use shears or a tool with silk touch. Otherwise, the leaves are destroyed and can’t be collected.

Players on the subreddit were intrigued by the idea, though many others offered their own methods for keeping blocks from freezing. Waterlogged half slabs were recommended, as were chests, which can double as a convenient place to store gathered crops, related materials, or tools. Trapdoors can also be used to fully cover the water, and lily pads achieve a similar effect. Ultimately, the choice is up to the Minecraft player’s sense of aesthetics, as there are a lot of options here to achieve the same goal.

All these years after Minecraft originally launched, players are still making discoveries and finding new ways to do things more effectively. Although there are strategies and guides for building in Minecraft, ultimately, it’s up to each player to decide how they want to play. It’s part of what’s kept Minecraft alive and popular for so many years. However, the community is a strong one, and posts like these often help fellow players discover new ways to do things, and those sharing the tips deserve praise for it.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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