Minecraft Player Recreates Notre-Dame Using Medieval Plans

One Minecraft fan has managed to create a reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, only they’ve modelled it after Medieval plans instead. Such projects really show the potential maturity that the blocky sandbox title affords, even though some naysayers still insist it’s a video game more suitable for children. While it’s true that kids do make up a lot of the player base, Mojang’s IP transcends age groups, appealing to older gamers, as well as young ones. Much of this accessibility is partly why the game is still so popular.


Minecraft is also great for alleviating boredom with a ton of things to get creative with. Despite it being more than a decade old at this point, with the alpha releasing way back in 2009, the potential that players can unleash, thanks to the game’s built-in features, means many are continuing to engage in some pretty interesting projects. While a lot of builds and contraptions come straight from the imagination, there are more than enough examples of people turning to the open-world title to recreate digital versions of real life structures.

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One such user, who goes by Alive-Beginning-6102 on Reddit, has uploaded a number of images from their recent Minecraft build, which shows the Notre-Dame Cathedral, as well as the Île de La Cité surroundings of Paris. While it’s an incredibly impressive reconstruction by itself, the most interesting thing about this project is that its creator used Medieval plans to make it. Scoring some illustrations from the 13th, 14th, and 15th century, the user has been able to rebuild this famous landmark as it possibly would have looked hundreds of years ago.

More images can be found on the Reddit thread here.

All-in-all, it really shows a tremendous amount of talent people in the community have. From a Minecraft recreation of Vietnam’s tallest building, to complicated Redstone builds that are a wonder to behold, to a blocky view of the cosmos, there are still a lot of ways people can get creative in Mojang’s game, and it doesn’t seem as if the fan base is anywhere near done with projects and ideas.

It’s reasons like this why Minecraft is a fantastic game for inducing mindfulness, allowing players to really get into the “zone.” With the developer continuing to pump out updates on a regular basis, not to mention modders hard at work improving the already expansive vanilla experience, it’s hardly surprising that the game has gone down as one of the most successful releases in the industry.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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