Minecraft Player Recreates God Of War Ragnarok’s Raven Fast Travel

God of War Ragnarok players and Norse mythology enthusiasts alike will know of Odin’s affinity for ravens. Called the One-Eyed Raven himself, he travels from realm to realm in a whirlwind of the critters. One savvy player likes the look of it so much that they’ve modded the Ragnarok visual into Minecraft.

Redditor hamvtheworld shared footage of the mod to the Minecraft subreddit. It shows them stepping onto a stone pressure plate and a swirling mass of ravens circling them, transporting them to another part of the map.

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Some minor God Of War Ragnarok spoilers follow, you have been warned. Odin uses his ravens to freely travel between the nine realms, even when he’s locked down other routes for the non-Asgardians. The pesky birds can even transport other people, as long as they have their consent.


The modder has added the world download in the comments to their Reddit post, so you can try it out for yourself. They’re also working on a tutorial for it.

The comments have been positive, with people praising how cool the animation looks. Some have also accused hamvtheworld of serving Odin, as the Norse God doesn’t let just anyone use his raven magic.

There’s also the opportunity to add in Mystic Gateways from Ragnarok. The Nether Portals would work perfectly as a base texture to be replaced, especially since they connect different worlds within Minecraft and can be used to create a sort of fast travel system.

In other Ragnarok news, the emotional end credit song, Blood Upon The Snow will be performed at The Game Awards on December 8. It’s the perfect note to end the game on, but hopefully won’t herald the start of Ragnarok for TGA.

And, since is’s the end of the Norse Saga, fans have been pondering what figures Kratos would take on if he were to go up against Christianity. Jesus is an obvious answer, but biblically accurate angels and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are also good shouts.

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