Minecraft Player Making Incredible Cosmetic Inspired by Odin Teleportation in God of War Ragnarok

PlayStation released God of War Ragnarok on November 9, and fans are already simulating the experience in other games, like one Minecraft player that was inspired by the Odin teleportation. Minecraft has long been a tool to recreate various things from popular art, movies, and other games due to its blocky design and creative mode, and this God of War: Ragnarok fan is already using the Mojang title to express their appreciation for the PlayStation game.

Reddit user Hamvtheworld recently shared a clip of their Minecraft seed in which they highlight an incredible cosmetic inspired by the Odin teleportation from God of War Ragnarok by stepping on a switch. Although players are normally using Minecraft portals to transport themselves to the Nether or the End, this Minecraft player has a special teleportation pad that takes them from one biome to another. Limited to a specific scene, Odin’s teleportation isn’t as readily available in God of War Ragnarok as the portals are in Minecraft which makes Hamvtheworld’s seed a great way to experience the memorable moment repeatedly.


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Hamvtheworld’s Minecraft clip begins with the player walking down a lantern-lit dirt path while dual-wielding enchanted steel axes to reach a stone platform with a switch placed in the middle. Upon stepping on the switch, the Minecraft player is surrounded by ravens like what happens with Atreus in God of War Ragnarok when Odin uses his power of teleportation. At the conclusion of this unique Minecraft animation, the player spawns in an ice biome that they have dubbed Hjaalmarch which includes a lone log laying in front of the campfire on the other side of the portal.

The incredible Hamvtheworld Minecraft creation has garnered over 13,000 upvotes within two days, with fans of both God of War Ragnarok and the Mojang title voicing their thoughts on the cosmetic. The Minecraft action bar has also fittingly included the Blades of Chaos which is a prominent weapon in God of War hero Kratos’ arsenal. Unlike these Blades of Chaos, the two axes may be reflective of Kratos’ new chosen weapon in the latest God of War titles, The Leviathan, which has its own unique play style.

Multiple Minecraft and God of War Ragnarok fans have expressed their enthusiasm for Hamvtheworld’s creation, with one suggesting that the axes or diamonds in their seed be turned into Leviathan’s. One player suggested making the animation longer to better encapsulate the power of Odin’s ravens in God of War Ragnarok which elicited a response from Hamvtheworld who pointed to frame rate limitations in Minecraft making it difficult to extend the scene.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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