Minecraft Player Makes Helpful Chart Revealing Best Y Levels to Find Ores

Collecting ores in Minecraft is an important pillar of its gameplay, and a fan has made a handy chart that breaks down the best altitude to farm them.

Ores in Minecraft have forever been an integral part of the game, playing a pivotal role in both the “mining” and “crafting” aspects of Mojang’s legendary sandbox, and a player has put together a useful graphic that breaks down the best altitude to farm every ore. Though world height in Minecraft was raised often throughout the course of its update history, the ores that made up the game’s progression system largely remained the same. Update 1.17 and 1.18 changed their distribution across the world and introduced Copper to the mix, but Diamond, Gold, and Iron still remain Minecraft‘s bread and butter.


In order for players to mine most ores in Minecraft, they need to have a serviceable tool as punching rocks won’t get them far. Though a Stone Pickaxe will mine most stuff, the truly valuable ores such as Gold, Redstone, Diamond, and Emerald require an Iron Pickaxe to do the job. For the truly brave and capable adventurers, Diamond Pickaxes will allow them to mine ancient debris in the Nether, the starting component to making Netherite – Minecraft‘s most powerful tier of equipment.

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Of course, to even get to the Nether and its coveted ancient debris, it’s important for Minecraft players to prepare and properly progress through the rest of the game. This is where Kiwu the Gamer’s ore distribution chart comes in, as it displays the best Y-coordinate to find any Minecraft ore the player might need in a very simplified and easy-to-read way.

Though a lot these ores overlap, the rarity of Gold outside its preferred altitude is a factor that Minecraft players ignore at their own folly. Undoubtedly, the hardest and most valuable ores in the base Minecraft overworld are Diamond and Redstone – where the former is the key ingredient for some of the best gear Minecraft can offer, while the latter allows players to build some truly breathtaking concepts such as an unfolding Minecraft house.

Emerald is an exception to Minecraft‘s system of progression, as this valuable ore isn’t found in the deepest caverns and crevices of the world, but rather in the Mountain and Windswept Hills biome in Minecraft. Contrary to Diamond, Emerald’s primary use is found in trading with the villagers that populate the surface of a Minecraft world. In addition to being mined, players can find Emerald in treasure chests, and they represent a good way to get a head start in the early game. Hopefully, fans will find Kiwu’s chart useful in their next Minecraft spelunking session.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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