Minecraft Player Is Recreating the Entirety of Undertale

A Minecraft player shows off their current project, which takes the celebrated indie RPG Undertale and recreates it in Mojang’s blocky title.

A Minecraft player is currently working on a project which will see the cult hit Undertale be transformed into a blocky first-person experience. Released in 2015, Toby Fox’s subversive RPG became one of the most talked about indie games of its era. With its low PC spec requirements and unique plot points, all wrapped up in a retro aesthetic, it was a very accessible release which also went against player expectations, as well as perpetuating the idea that modern video games don’t need to be graphically superior to be popular.


Mojang’s sandbox title is perhaps the most obvious example of this. The game has afforded players untold amounts of creativity over the past decade or so, and it continues to be an outlet for a lot of unique and interesting projects. From the Minecraft player who created a huge replica of Back to the Future‘s DeLorean, a facsimile of the ill-fated Notre-Dame Cathedral, and just generally some massive structures that take hours to create, there is no end to what payers can build in-game.

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Reddit user Pitiful-Meatball is just one more in an ever-expanding list of fans who are engaged in some impressive projects. In a recent thread, this particular user posted a lengthy video showing the progress they’ve made on their recreation of Undertale recreated in Minecraft. Because of the game it’s being reimagined in, Pitiful_Meatball ditches the more 2D aesthetic of the source material, but fans of the indie RPG will no doubt recognize the elements that have been done so far. When asked in the comments, Pitiful-Meatball said they are hoping to reconstruct the entire game, and it looks as though they’ve currently finished a good amount.

Pitiful-Meatball also says this video was 17 days old at the time of posting, so more progress has likely been made on the recreation. Such examples really do emphasize the creativity that exists in the the game’s community. Recently, one person was able to make the entire cosmos in Minecraft, showing the sun, Earth, and even a black hole. As for other games, one person has been hard at work turning the sandbox IP into a facsimile of The Legend of Zelda.

There really are an infinite number of things to make in Minecraft. It’s hardly surprising that it’s stood the test of time and is still selling by the droves to this day. The community does not seem to be getting tired of all the effort that needs to be put into making many fascinating creations, and it’s going to be a sad day when the fan base finally decides to move on from the game. But that probably isn’t going to happen for a good while.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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