Minecraft player hilariously dies to their own TNT blocks

Regardless of what Minecraft players use TNT for, they will need to be cautious due to its explosive nature. Even with armor equipped, a sufficient amount of TNT detonating can lead to quick death before respawning, or in Hardcore Mode, permanent death.


In a Reddit post on Minecraft’s official subreddit, user ASilver259 shared a clip of themselves dying to their own TNT in-game. “You know, I’m something of an idiot,” the headline read, accompanied by the aforementioned clip.

In the video, ASilver259 is seen filling a tunnel of netherrack blocks with TNT, presumptively to blow the entire place up. After releasing a fire arrow into one of the blocks, the player continues to place TNT blocks along the passageway.

Unfortunately, the explosion catches up quickly, and ASilver isn’t able to outrun the resulting blast.

Reddit Reacts to ASilver’s Minecraft Mishap

ASilver’s Minecraft clip received mixed reactions from users. Some players praised the texture pack the player was using, while others joked about how the netherrack blocks looked similar to brain matter. Furthermore, several players commented that ASilver’s move was not very smart, and other users asked if ASilver was at least able to recover their items from the Nether after their death.

It can be a major loss for players when they die in Minecraft and are unable to retrieve their items. This is especially true when lava or explosions are involved because this usually means that you might not be able to retrieve your precious items in the first place.

In such cases, players will have to backtrack to their base, collect more items, or even start over almost completely by re-gathering materials and crafting the necessary items and gear.

ASilver’s post was not the first on the subreddit to display an ill-advised gaffe. Some commenters reasoned with the player’s mistake:

ASilver likely felt reassured knowing that they were not the first person to post such a blunder on the official Minecraft subreddit. Considering the sub’s popularity, it receives tons of posts daily, some of which have more interaction than others. Watching an interesting clip of someone accidentally blowing themselves up can garner attention, and likely more than a few comments.

This particular post is a reminder that all Minecraft players occasionally make mistakes, which makes one’s overall experience all that much more fun. Whether you’re new to the game, a seasoned vet, or a speedrunning pro, no player is perfect.

Eventually, an unfortunate sequence of events can lead to a bad situation where a player dies, loses their items, or finds themselves being chased by a horde of hostile mobs.


ASilver’s post also serves as a reminder that players should avoid replicating the same mistake when dealing with explosive items. Utilizing TNT in-game always carries with it an element of danger, so be particularly wary when placing and activating it.

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