Minecraft player discovers innovative water mechanic for building self-driving boats 

While boats are incredibly helpful for multiple reasons in Minecraft, they often require a player’s interaction before they can work their magic. However, a recent Reddit post by the user dingyfried showcased the player’s new system to create something of a “lazy river” that automatically moves boats along.

Through the use of fence gates and the manipulation of water flow, dingyfried has formed a means of allowing boats to travel through water without the need for player input.

In the meantime, these boats can pick up mobs, interact with redstone machinery, or allow players to ride along peacefully. Dingyfried also created minigames and other interesting features to demonstrate the utility of the lazy river model.

Minecraft Redditors were understandably quite impressed with the demonstration and sounded off on their thoughts in the comments.

Minecraft’s subreddit reacts to dingyfried’s Lazy River build

Dingyfried's lazy river leading to an elevator (Image via u/dingyfried/Reddit)
Dingyfried’s lazy river leading to an elevator (Image via u/dingyfried/Reddit)

Minecraft’s subreddit was quite impressed with dingyfried’s creation, believing it could be the core of many additional in-game discoveries. The ability to automate boat movement can be applied in many different ways, from moving mobs and items to activating redstone machines placed along the lazy river’s course. Commenters also stated that the build would be incredibly helpful for decorative purposes.

According to dingyfried, this build is still a work in progress. It works for Minecraft version 1.16 and above, and its creator is attempting to add new ways to integrate other mechanics into the lazy river concept.

Dingyfried mentioned the intent to add bubble columns, often seen in water elevators but has yet to pull it off as intended. Regardless, players were astonished by dingyfried’s ingenuity and brainstormed about their own builds utilizing the design.

The post generated a lot of buzz, as much of Minecraft’s subreddit is typically filled with reasonably standard builds or players discussing content implementations introduced by Mojang. However, the game’s engine allows players to discover new and surprising ways to interact with in-game physics. dingyfried’s creation is just one example, and there are undoubtedly many more ways that have yet to be discovered by the playerbase.

No doubt Minecraft players will utilize dingyfried’s implementations to full effect in their own builds, and this will likely spin off into even more interesting ways to play the game.

While dingyfried implemented certain features such as mob movement, item storage, and minigames into their build, the community’s creativity is boundless. It’s only a matter of time before the lazy river concept is used and replicated to awe-inspiring effect by other community members.

This creation and Reddit post is another example of the peerless imagination of the playerbase. The game’s inner workings are more complex than they would initially appear, and there are many ways to manipulate the game engine to one’s benefit.

New ones are being discovered all the time, especially after substantial updates to the game provided by Mojang, adding new features and behaviors as well as new ways to utilize codes and commands during gameplay.

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