Minecraft player creates website to turn image into pixel art using chiseled bookshelves

Pixel art has grown very popular over the years in Minecraft. It can usually be done in one of two ways. Either players can take the colored blocks and construct them themselves in a way that reflects an image or they can use pixel art generators. The latter is much easier to do.

This is usually done in the form of a wall. All the blocks are placed in a massive wall so that each slight color alteration shows up from far away as part of the image. Thousands and thousands of blocks go into this.

Among Us pixel art (Image via Craftio Plays on YouTube)
Among Us pixel art (Image via Craftio Plays on YouTube)

Doing it manually is about the same. The 1.20 update is about to introduce a new way to make pixel art. Chiseled bookshelves are available early with snapshots and experimental features.

One Minecraft Redditor has already come up with a website designed to make stunning chiseled bookshelf pixel art. Check it out below:

Minecraft Redditor makes website to generate pixel art with new chiseled bookshelves

Chiseled bookshelves are a new item in the upcoming 1.20 update. They’ll allow players to put in and remove books from them, up to six at a time. All forms of books can be placed in, so books, book and quills, enchanted books, and more can all be inside a chiseled bookshelf.

This can be done strategically to give it a design. Empty slots and colored books can make for quite the pattern. It’s also quickly becoming a very popular way to make art in Minecraft.

One Minecraft Redditor created a generator that will effectively recreate any image with the chiseled bookshelves.

It currently can’t quite mirror the colors. For example, a creeper is green and this image has purple and red in it. However, it’s as close as anyone has come yet with chiseled bookshelf pixel art.

It fills in the gaps and leaves blanks to properly construct the image. It’s a feat of web design and a testament to the possibilities that the 1.20 update, specifically the new chiseled bookshelves, will introduce.

With it, players can recreate anything. They’ve been doing this for a long time with normal pixel art generators, but this is a new way to do so and it is revitalizing the community.

As a result, the community loves it. Pixel art has always been fun and now it has a new face. The comments were very positive.

Many gamers were grateful for the Redditor’s invention.

Others have many images in mind for the generator.

The possibilities are endless.

As soon as chiseled bookshelves were announced, this Minecraft player knew something like this was on the way.

Is the ultimate prank available with this new method?

Many crafters are waiting for the inevitable.

As usual, the community has come up with a lot of ideas for the future and suggestions to make it a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

The community really likes the ability to do this, so a new generator is always welcome. They’ve given the post over three thousand upvotes in a matter of one day.

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