Minecraft player creates tower defense minigame after spending 120 hours

Minecraft is an extremely special game, simply because it lets players create almost anything. Several technical blocks like command blocks, structure blocks, redstone blocks, etc., can automatically execute actions in the game. Many talented players have not only built complex contraptions and structures with these blocks but have also created entire minigames out of them.

A Redditor by the name of ‘u/McEMau5’ recently posted a video showcasing how they created a highly detailed tower defense strategy game inside Minecraft itself. They cleverly used several command blocks, structure blocks, etc., to build the minigame. The original poster also mentioned how they spent around 120 hours creating this project, which is surprisingly fast considering the details of the minigame.

There are several towers that players can place in order to stop the wave of hostile mobs from progressing further. Different towers have different capabilities, and can even be bought from a custom trading system that the creators curated themselves. The trading list of villagers was used to buy spawn eggs that generated the towers.

The main aim of the minigame is to protect an orb from several waves of enemies. The entire map is made up of pathways that lead to the orb, and areas where different towers can be placed. Players will need to strategically place defense towers in order to eliminate enemy waves. As of now, there are seven different quests made by the creator.

Redditors react to tower defense minigame made by Minecraft player

Hundreds of Redditors reacted to the post showcasing the tower defense minigame. Since the entire project is made with vanilla features and blocks, it is even more appreciable. Within a day, the post received over two thousand upvotes and several comments.

The Minecraft player showcases all the command blocks used in the minigame (image via Reddit/u/McEMau5)
The Minecraft player showcases all the command blocks used in the minigame (image via Reddit/u/McEMau5)

Several Redditors, including the original poster, talked about how good other tower defense games are on various public servers. They discussed the Towerwars in the famous server: Hypixel. However, one of the users mentioned that the game mode was unfortunately removed from the server two years ago.

Many users were eager to get their hands on the brilliant minigame. The creator of the project replied to nearly all the comments and explained how the minigame is still a work in progress. They further informed that they added seven quests to the game and will release it after they add two more.

Apart from all the discussions, other individuals on the Minecraft Reddit page simply appreciated the original poster for building such a detailed tower defense minigame. Some expressed their excitement to play the minigame when it releases, while others commended the creator for developing the minigame in just 120 hours.

Overall, the post was loved by several individuals on the official Minecraft Reddit page. The level of detail that went into creating this tower defense minigame was highly appreciated by many. Though players need to wait a little longer since the minigame is still not complete, they expressed their excitement about it. Even 17 hours after the post first went live, it continues to gather views, upvotes, and reactions.

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