Minecraft player creates teleportation mechanic inspired by God of War Ragnarok

A Minecraft Redditor who goes by u/hamvtheworld recently devised a teleportation mechanic inspired by God of War Ragnarok.

The user shared their creation in a Reddit post on November 30, 2022, titled, “My God of War: Ragnarok inspired teleportation cosmetic that I’m working on.”

Minecraft often seems like a basic game. It is based on blocks and requires very little effort to play. There are limitless possibilities, but players don’t have to do everything to succeed. At its core, it is a very simple game about putting blocks and items together to make amazing things.

Having said that, there’s so much more to Minecraft than meets the eye. Thanks to redstone and other items (such as Ender pearls), the game can be quite complex.

Details about Minecraft Redditor’s God of War-esque teleportation mechanic

A Minecraft Redditor was inspired by God of War Ragnarok when making their latest creation (Image via Sony)
A Minecraft Redditor was inspired by God of War Ragnarok when making their latest creation (Image via Sony)

In Minecraft, teleportation is only achievable in a couple of ways. First, when an Ender pearl is thrown, it will teleport the person who threw it to its impact location (where it lands). This method is great for traveling but can be dangerous.

Another alternative option is chorus fruit. Eating a chorus fruit will transport the player to a random location on the map. This method is equally as dangerous.

Teleportation works differently in other games. For example, teleportation in God of War Ragnarok involves bats and is coded into the game. In Mojang’s sandbox game, however, it’s just something that players have discovered.

Still, this didn’t stop Redditor u/hamvtheworld from making a teleportation mechanic that perfectly mirrors God of War Ragnarok’s.

The user’s invention uses bats to cover up the sight line, just like in God of War Ragnarok. It also uses the blindness effect, which prevents players from seeing when the teleportation is taking place.

Reddit community reacts to u/hamvtheworld’s creation

The Reddit community has given u/hamvtheworld’s post a lot of positive attention. Many commenters were just impressed with the craftsmanship.

Others noticed subtle details that made the creation an even more impressive crossover.

One player believes this Redditor is doing the Lord’s work.

Another commenter was simply impressed.

Others wanted to build something similar for themselves.

Even those who weren’t familiar with God of War Ragnarok felt that this was an incredible creation.

The post received an incredible 9k upvotes at the time of writing.

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