Minecraft player creates realistic diamond ore map art

Minecraft players have the unique ability to make almost anything they want in the game. They can build anything, from a real-life racetrack to a recreation of the hospital that’s down the street. The possibilities with what the title empowers players to do are endless.

However, they extend beyond that. Mojang didn’t anticipate many things when they made the game, but that’s the reality now. With redstone, players are making working computers and other redstone devices that are simply absurd.

There are also small things that weren’t expected. Every menial task in the game can be used to do something Mojang probably didn’t think of.

For example, this Minecraft Redditor created a map with a fake diamond ore texture on it and is using it to make blocks look like diamond ores when they’re anything but. Check it out below:

Minecraft Redditor creates mind-blowing fake diamond ore in Hardcore mode

Maps can be used to make art, sort of. The smallest ones can be used to chart the surrounding area and that always includes builds. If there’s a large, dark oak build in the area, it will show up as dark oak on the map.

Diamond ores in the game (Image via Mojang)
Diamond ores in the game (Image via Mojang)

This Redditor utilized that fact and made a map that looks like a diamond ore. This is incredibly difficult to do since it requires a lot of technical work and for things to be in the exact right place.

Ore textures are very particular, and recreating one is difficult. That’s even more difficult when not using the texture tools at players’ disposals.

What’s even more impressive is that this was done in Hardcore mode, which is considered the hardest mode of Minecraft and any death means the end of the world. As a result, it’s very difficult to achieve much of anything, let alone something that is as unique and complex as this.

The result is a shockingly realistic fake diamond ore. In Hardcore, this might not be as useful, but it would definitely be helpful for a PvP map. Essentially, it would be beneficial in any world that involves a second person.

The map ore could be used to trick others into thinking they’d found diamonds. It won’t do anything beyond that, but that would make for a funny moment between players.

The community is in awe of this impressive display of Minecraft mastery, and the comments are filled with positivity.

One thinks the fake ore is more realistic than the actual ore texture Mojang uses.

Many saw the immediate prank possibilities.

It would confuse players to such a point that they might not bother looking for diamonds.

One player was impressed, but already had a way around this clever trick.

Others are wondering what the Redditor might use it for.

Many were simply confounded by the idea.

One player had an idea about another prank the Redditor could do.

Others just wanted to know how this was possible.

Overall, the community is in awe of the post. At the time of writing, it has garnered nearly seven thousand upvotes in one day.

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