Minecraft player creates Metallica’s Master of Puppets album cover

Metallica is one of the biggest metal bands of all time, and many Minecraft players will certainly count themselves among their legions of fans. This was displayed masterfully in a recent Reddit post by user Thepromc64, who shared their build of the recreation of one of Metallica’s most beloved albums, “Master of Puppets.”


The album is considered one of Metallica’s finest works, and if you’ve listened to a rock or metal station on the radio or online at some point, you’ve probably heard at least one track from the album. This is especially true of the track that takes the album’s name as its own, as it’s one of the most iconic metal songs ever written.

Unsurprisingly, it appears Thepromc64 put a ton of detail into this build, and the post’s comments appreciated the builder’s hard work.

Reddit Responds to Thepromc64’s Minecraft Metallica Build

As one might expect, both Metallica and Minecraft fans came out of the woodwork to voice their approval for the build. Particular praise was paid to the level of detail in the recreation, with some players noting the nametag on the center tombstone, which was a small addition to the album’s cover art that may have escaped some fans. There was also a notable helmet on the tombstone to the front left, which was another detail that was likely tricky to recreate.

The appreciation for the build was palpable, despite Thepromc using photo editing software to impose Metallica’s logo into the Minecraft image. Some fans asked if the builder would be willing to recreate other popular Metallica album covers. Thepromc remarked that they were particularly interested in recreating another of Metallica’s most-beloved albums, “Ride the Lightning.”

Music is undoubtedly one of the greatest unifiers in any group of people, and it appears to be no different in the Minecraft community. Plenty of players sounded off with their favorite lines in the self-titled track on Master of Puppets, and other commenters discussed their favorite Metallica albums and songs along the way.

There’s no doubt that if Thepromc releases their build for Ride the Lightning, more than a few fans will likely do the same in the comments of that post.

Interestingly, the build was even more impressive, considering it was constructed within the Overworld. According to Thepromc, they initially considered building the reconstruction within the Nether, but the immense amount of fog would have caused issues with capturing a good screenshot.

Granted, the fog can be turned off via Minecraft’s in-game settings, but there’s also the matter of view distance and other graphical factors to consider to get the perfect shot.

Regardless, it’s always interesting to see the interests of a given Minecraft player shine through via the builds they post. Music is just as crucial in the melting pot of pop culture as film and television, and it’s always nice to see a builder putting in time and effort to pay homage to one of their favorite bands.

It’s unclear whether Thepromc will follow through with their Ride the Lightning reconstruction, but other Metallica fans on the Minecraft subreddit will likely be looking forward to it.

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