Minecraft player creates impressive map art featuring famous Marylin Monroe painting 

Building things is difficult in Minecraft. There are a lot of factors to consider in making a beautiful build, such as the type of blocks, the dimensions (if these are wrong, the entire build could look bad), the location and the size, among other things. Building something cool is not as easy as some players make it out to be.

There are builds that are much harder to pull off than normal houses or bases, though. One of these is the kind that’s only designed to show up on a map.

A level one map shows the exact terrain of the surrounding area. If there’s a village, it will show up. If there’s a jungle biome, it will be present as well. If players spent time building a massive structure to cover the map, even that will be showcased on the map.


This has become a phenomenon known as map art. If crafters do it successfully, they end up with an excellent picture on their cartography tool. In this case, “excellent” doesn’t do it justice.

Check out this Minecraft Redditor’s recreation of a famous Marilyn Monroe painting down below.

Minecraft Redditor builds stunning structure for map art

Good map art is difficult to pull off. The simple stuff is easy, like placing a square of blue blocks around so that it shows up on the map. Making a legitimate image, even a rather simple one, is much harder.

Thus, this Redditor had a very unenviable task. The image has to show up on the map, which requires all the blocks to be placed perfectly. If even a few blocks are out of place, the whole picture will look wrong.

This is even more true when doing a picture of someone. This Redditor chose to recreate a Marilyn Monroe painting, which meant it had to be absolutely perfect, otherwise her face would have looked off.

Fortunately, that’s not what happened, and the result is breathtaking. The structure that had to be built in Minecraft for that image to show up looks incredibly difficult. It also doesn’t look like it would turn out as well as it did.

The structure for the map art (Image via u/Papaya314 on Reddit)
The structure for the map art (Image via u/Papaya314 on Reddit)

It required a lot of angles, a lot of blocks and a lot of hard work. What’s even more impressive is that it was done in Survival mode.

The community is very impressed with the Redditor’s work, with the members giving the post a lot of positive attention.

Many commenters appreciated the sheer difficulty of doing this.

Others were just amazed that this was even possible. One Minecraft player understood how difficult this task was.

Another has goals like this, but recognized the insane feat for being exactly that.

Many gamers gave credit to the creator who has done something truly impressive.

Overall, this post has found a great reaction from the community. They’ve given it almost two thousand upvotes in just 22 hours at the time of writing.

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