Minecraft player creates fast TNT machine gun using redstone

Most Minecraft players have used the majority of the weapons available in the game. Almost every player has used a sword extensively. Many have fought mobs or players with an ax, too. Ranged weapons, like crossbows and bows, are common, too.

Even fire charges, rockets and other items can be used as weapons, which many players have tried out. TNT can be used as a weapon or as a purely destructive force.

However, players might not have thought of it as a weapon in the same sense as the aforementioned examples. One Minecraft Redditor did, though.

They created an incredible TNT gun, which is something many crafters might not have even considered a realistic possibility. Thanks to Redstone, though, almost anything is possible. Check it out below:

Minecraft Redditor creates incredible redstone TNT gun

Redstone was introduced in the 1.5 Update. Since then, the game has exploded. The possibilities are truly endless. Such a rudimentary form of power wouldn’t normally be expected to do things like this, but it does.

With it, the Redditor here created an immensely powerful TNT gun. Most TNT cannons fire at a slower pace because it takes time for them to launch the TNT after igniting it.

This particular weapon fires at an incredible rate, but it also deals a stunning amount of damage.

Within seconds, the wall of sandstone had gaping holes in it. It stood no match against the gun. By the end of the 19 second video, the massive sandstone tower is nearly destroyed.

The gun here uses target blocks, which include redstone blocks, pistons, TNT and many other blocks. It ignites the TNT blocks and sends them careening towards the target in an instant.

It has to be quick, otherwise there is a huge risk that the TNT will blow up too soon. This is the chief struggle when making a TNT cannon of any sort because the timing has to be perfect.

A basic TNT cannon (Image via MC Naveed on YouTube)
A basic TNT cannon (Image via MC Naveed on YouTube)

It’s an incredible achievement and what makes it even more interesting is that it appears to be totally vanilla. The player went in without any mods and created a rapid-fire TNT cannon. This is arguably the peak of weaponizing in Minecraft.

The community seems to agree with that idea and they’re very impressed with what u/GenericRedstonGenius on Reddit has been able to achieve.

One commenter was impressed with how realistic the gun was.

Another just wanted to try and build one for themselves, which is easier said than done.

Others hadn’t even seen a TNT cannon in so long that this one felt very nostalgic.

One commenter didn’t believe the word “gun” is accurate. It’s rather reductive, according to them.

Other TNT cannons pale in comparison to this one.

One Minecraft player can only imagine the possibilities.

Many were surprised by the sheer damage it dealt.

Overall, this is one of the most impressive weapons built in recent memory. The community seems to agree, as they’ve given it over 500 upvotes at the time of writing.

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