Minecraft player creates fake cactus using new bamboo blocks

A Redditor with the username ImportedParmesan recently discovered that the bamboo and cactus blocks in Minecraft are very similar in appearance.

They then proceeded to make a “fake cactus” using bamboo blocks and shared their build in a post on November 10, 2022.

When people closely look at the build, they will notice a slight difference between the bamboo and cactus blocks when it comes to the shade of green. The lines are also not as dark as they are on the cactus. Additionally, there are no spikes on the cactus.

Cactus blocks grow naturally in Minecraft’s desert. However, they can only grow on sand blocks. Since they grow in the desert, they do not require much water. Cactus can be used to harm entities and can be smelted into green dye.

ImportedParmesan’s discovery is fascinating, even if it doesn’t do all that much. It could theoretically be used to trick players into harming themselves on a cactus block if they thought it was bamboo. Otherwise, it’s just a fun Easter egg of sorts.

The Minecraft 1.20 update is coming very soon. Players can actually get involved and test out new features via the snapshots that Mojang releases weekly. These features include bamboo blocks, rafts, camels, chiseled bookshelves, and hanging signs.

Once the update arrives, bamboo will be extremely valuable. It will essentially be as useful as any wood log is right now. For the most part, all the items that can be made with an oak log can be made with bamboo.

Redditors react as Minecraft player discovers that bamboo blocks eerily resemble cactus in the game

Bamboo in use (Image via Minecraft/Twitter)
Bamboo in use (Image via Minecraft/Twitter)

The Reddit community has expressed their appreciation for ImportedParmesan’s discovery and has given their post a lot of positive attention so far.

One commenter used a stellar pun to describe the creation.

Another believes the cactus block needs to be updated. If Mojang notices that it’s similar to the bamboo wood block, they may change one or the other so that they have a more noticeable difference.

One Redditor is surprised that anyone would even try to make a fake cactus out of bamboo.

Others didn’t even realize there were new blocks coming out in Minecraft.

Many didn’t notice how green the bamboo blocks were until they were placed next to another green block.

The post received over eight thousand upvotes in just 18 hours at the time of writing.

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