Minecraft player creates a detailed guide for F3 debug screen 

Minecraft: Java Edition players are likely quite familiar with the game’s debug menu, which can be accessed by pressing F3. While many players use this feature to determine their coordinates, there is a ton of additional information, some of which is quite helpful if players know how to parse it.

On the official Minecraft subreddit, a post was recently shared by a user with the name of Max_Damage777 that breaks down every single aspect of the information displayed in the debug menu. From the current version of the game, to chunk data, to entity information, Max_Damage777 broke down every available piece of info. For players who are curious about what the debug menu contains, the Reddit infographic is incredibly useful.

Minecraft Redditors React to Max_Damage777’s Infographic


While this certainly wasn’t the first time that Minecraft’s debug menu has been broken down, the infographic was nonetheless very helpful for many Redditors who may not have seen it in the past. Users took to the comments to voice their approval of Max_Damage777’s efforts.

While some of the information in the screenshot used for the graphics has changed in more recent game updates, the post still serve as a lone image that can be saved and referred to by players without ever opening their web browser.

Some Redditors on the Minecraft subreddit were curious as to whether Max_Damage777 would be willing to diagram the additional debug menus that Java Edition possesses. Other menu options are viewable by combining the F3 key with the alt or shift keys, and these menus provide even more information for Minecraft players to comb over.

However, Max_Damage777 stated that those menu items were more for people who are deeply immersed in the game’s code and engine, so it likely wouldn’t be of much use.

The comments continued with heaps of praise for the Minecraft infographic, and it’s not difficult to see why. Instead of scrolling through tons of text on a wiki page or stopping gameplay to watch an elongated video on the topic, this one image provides nearly all of the information needed to understand what’s going on when Java Edition players press their F3 keys and are inundated with a ton of text and numbers.

Compared to many posts on the subreddit, commenters stated that the post was one of the most helpful in recent memory, and it didn’t use any confusing language.

It’s important to note that while Max_Damage777’s post does relay a ton of useful information, recent changes due to updates to Minecraft, such as the Caves & Cliffs update and The Wild Update, have altered the appearance of the debug menu. The menu now displays certain information that isn’t found in the graphic, but it covers almost all of the core information that a player might need.

Regardless, this post is one of the most helpful currently circulating among the community. Having a one-stop resource available in an easy-to-access folder is a huge boon compared to scrolling through search results to find pertinent information. If you’re a player yourself, it may not be a bad idea to save Max_Damage777’s post for later reference, just in case.

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